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(January 11, 1994)

Sayrma Stuidos (1994, Source - Ambaranji)

Visuals: On a dark space background, we see a star zooming right at us until stopping for a few seconds. Then the star suddenly exploded revealing two S's flying about before stopping before the text "Sayrma Studios" scans in with a weird effect. The logo stays still for a few seconds before the whole thing does a scanimate animation.

Technique/Cheesy Factor: A mixture of scanimation and 2D animation, which surprisingly doesn't have a 35mm film print. But there's still some problems with the logo it self:

  1. The animation is very cheap-able of using feedback effect which reeks of cheese.
  2. The logo is so dark that you can't see the whole space background and the stars, which also counts its cheesiness.
  3. And also, the audio is awfully loud.

Audio: A mix of loud zip's, whooshes, and explosions along with a synth theme which is drowned out by the said noises.

Availability: Seen on Ambaranji.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, the loud noises along with the darkness will give a great chill to many viewers. The weird animation and the cheesiness of the logo may also contribute as well.