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(December 2013 - August 2016)

*You can listen to this audio file here*

Nickname: "The Thunder Strike" "Denzel Scared and Screams" "Uh Oh" "Aaaaah!!!: The Korean Way"

Logo: on A Blue Background We See Denzel Dugglemonster Begin to Gasp and Screams with Scared and Animation Freezes and Sometime with Words "겁 먹은 덴젤 프로덕션" Fades in to Bottom of the Top.

FX/SFX: an Denzel Gasping and Screams to Be Scared and Text Fading.

Music/Sound: An Usually Man Gasping,Screaming Out and Same as Regal Films R of Doom 1990.

Availability: Seen on North Korean Movies Inculded "헨리 허그 레몬스터 와 코비 허그 레몬스터" (Henry Hugglemonster and Cobby HuggleMonster in Korean),"전설의 잭" (Jack of Legends),"코비의 발명" (Cobby's Invention),"헨리와 긴 긴 날들" (Long Long Day with Henry) and Last Film That in 2016 "거 티로드 러디" (Gertie vs Roddy).

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