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Background: Scratch Pictures was a film and tv division of the popular Scratch website. Starting in 2013, Duncan Rouleau (The person who works at Scratch Pictures) made a joint venture between Argosy Productions and the company got called "Argosy-Scratch Media" to produced animated shows, movies, and shorts so far, but it is still also called Scratch Pictures. As of February 2014, Gobo Productions (now Gobo Films) made another joint venture between Scratch Pictures.


Nickname: Dancing Characters

Logo: We see Pico, Tera, Nano & Giga slide down from the top to the bottom. Then Pico slides to the left, followed by Tera, then Nano and then Giga. We see the text, "Scratch Pictures," with "A Lifelong Kindergarten Group Company."

Variant: Until 1984, the logo was bylineless. Lifelong Kindergarten acquired Scratch Pictures that said year.

FX/SFX: The characters dancing...

Cheesy Factor: ...which most times is skipping.

Music/Sounds: One of ABC's Logo Sounds, but we don't know which one.

Music/Sounds Variants:

Sometimes, the opening/closing theme of the film plays.

On the prequel of The Aaron Movie, it's silent.

Avaliabilty: Rare. These movies realeased by this studio are pretty hard to find. This logo makes an appearance at the end of "Scratch Cat & Company" (1986). Last of then beginning "Alberto and Maggie". Also seen on the prequel of "The Aaron Movie" and "Scratch Cat in Space". and "Pucca gets Ungrounded"

Scare Factor: Low, bordering on medium. The loud music can get into some people.


Logo: On a black background, the text "S" fills the screen, then zooms out, revealing "CRATCH". After 1 second, the text "Studios" appears. Then, Scratch Cat falls on the "T", then walks down to the "D", sits, and smiles at us.


On Scratch: The Movie, The screen fades in and out.

As of 1997, the text "Studio" has been replaced with "Studios," starting with the teaser for "Marshall 3."

FX/SFX: The text and Scratch Cat.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh and bang at the beginning, then the sound of chains.

Availability: Recently seen on the previews for "Scratch Cat in Space 3" and "Marshall 3." Also seen on "The Scratch Adventure", "Planet Scratch Cat", "Scratch: The Movie", The previews to "The Dawn666 Scratch Movie 2", And "Scratch Racing"

Scare Factor: Minimal.

(October 5-November 23, 2013)

Logo: First, a yellow background fades in. Then, the 4 characters from the first logo swipe in. Finally, a hand comes down, placing "Scratch Pictures" on top of them.

FX/SFX: The characters dancing and the text.

Music/Sounds: The first 10.5 seconds of the Scratch Soundtrack, "La Fete Foraine".

Availability: Seen on "Scratch Cat In Space 2: The Enemy Strikes Back", and "Marshall: The Movie". And "Scratch Star Wars"

Scare Factor: None.

(2003- )

Logo: We see a yellow background fade in, zooming out from between Pico, Tera, Nano, and Giga, revealing "Scratch Pictures."  Then, the byline, "A MIT Company," fades in.

FX/SFX: The zooming, dancing, and text.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1998 Warner Bros. Pictures logo.

Availability: First seen on a preview of "00000000000000000000000078787878787: FireStorm," and will be seen on the fan film itself.  Also seen on the James Bond Fan Film, "007: Death by Ice." And "Scratch Star Wars 2: The Empire Strikes Again

Scare Factor: Minimal to medium. The sudden zoom out could startle some.

(January 24, 2013-)

Nicknames: Flying Red Rock in the Sky

Logo: A green lake is shown at the beginning and a rock in it. The rock comes out of the lake and flys up in the night sky. Soon, it forms into a shape of a sphere. The colors change from gray to red. And the night sky turns into the daytime and the Scratch Pictures text appears.

Variant: A short version can be shown at the end of movies.

FX/SFX: The rock falling in the water in reverse. Also color changing and 3D graphics.

Cheesy Factor: 3D effects and text. Even the text has pretty good movement.

Music/Sounds: The Gaumont 100th Anniversary logo can be heard.

Availability: Can be seen mostly on some movies.

Scare Factor: Low from high. Due to the music, also the rock may scare some viewers.

(April 4, 2014- )

Logo: The same characters from Logos 1 & 3 dance around the screen, up, down, left, and right. Then, as before, a yellow background appears. The texts "Scratch" (in its actual logo) and "Pictures" swipe in. Then the animation from the 3rd logo continues, with "A MIT Company."

Variant: On TV Shows, just the dancing is shown.

FX/SFX: The characters and the text.

Music/Sounds: The 11-second Scratch Theme.

Music/Sounds Variants:

- On "Marshall: The Sequel: Alien Returns", it's the opening theme of the movie.

- On "Hotel of Doom," we only hear cheering.

Availability: Seen on "Marshall: The Sequel" and the Scratch At Night Show, "Hotel of Doom."

Scare Factor: Minimal.

(May 25, 2014- )

Logo: We see an orange border pass by a black background to the right, with "S" on it, revealing a shadow. Then, a orange border passes by to the left, with "CRATCH" on it, revealing a second shadow. "STUDIOS" light-forms, and "SCRATCH" seperates out.

Variant: There is a television verision, where Pico, on the "S", Tera, on the capital "R", Nano, on the "T", and Giga, on the "H", dance. A Scratch Cat, appears from the right.

FX/SFX: The borders, the text.


Movie Variant: A click and 3 synth sounds, otherwise, the opening theme of the movie or trailer.

TV Variant: A whoosh, and the Scratch Cat saying, "Scratch! Awesome!"

Availability: The Movie variant was first seen on the Preview for "Dawn666: The Movie III." The TV variant is seen on MULTIPLE Scratch shows.

Scare Factor: Minimal for the Movie variant, and Low for the TV Variant. The whoosh can get into some.

Gobo Films

(February 22, 2014- )

Logo: We zoom fast out of a Gobo sprite. "Gobo Productions" (now Films) shines in. "A MIT Company" (now "A SCRATCH PICTURES Company") fades in. Fade to black.


As of February 23, the logo zooms out slower.

AS of jully 11, the logo zomes like a old popeye cartoon

There is a shorter version.

On the UA variant, the Gobo is asleep until we zoom out completely.


February 22-April 4: A MIT Company

April 4- : A SCRATCH FILMS Company

FX/SFX: The zooming out, the text.

Music/Sounds: The prototype Gobo Productions logo has none, and so does the short Gobo Films logo, but the newest one have the 1987 United Artists theme.

Availability: The Gobo Productions variant isn't seen on any movies or TV shows, the Gobo Films variant has been seen on previews of Firestorm, and the UA variant is TBA.

Scare Factor: Low for the Gobo Productions variant and the UA variant, none for the Gobo Films variant.