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Sea Video

1st Logo (1983-1990)

Nicknames: "Sea at Sunrise", "The Sea"

Logo: Opening: After the warning screen, we see an sun slowly flying up into the sky, the stars disappear and the background slowly turns into a purple-pinkish. The background then turns white and the Sea Video logo appears with the picture from the warning screen in white and in a red square. "SEA VIDEO" appears below. Closing: The backwards version of the opening logo, when the sun goes down, the copyright notice in white appears saying "(C) (Date) SEA VIDEO. NO PART OF THIS PROGRAM MAY BE COPIED.". The warning screen then appears.

FX/SFX: The animation in this logo.

Music/Sounds: An weird-sounding fanfare, when the logo is completed, there is a bombastic fanfare. On the closing variant, it's same as the opening, But the music is reversed.

Availability: Unknown, check on eBay to see if there is any tapes that have this logo.

Scare Factor: Despends on the Varient

  • Low to medium, thanks to the weird music. When it turns bombastic, the scare factor pushes to high.
  • None for the Closing version.

2nd Logo (1990-2004)

Nickname: "The Sphere"

Logo: Over a sunset, golden sky with many trees and ponds, we see the camera going upwards to the sky. The camera pans out to show a sphere on a purple background. Then "Sea" in a font similar to the Golden Books Family Entertainment logo fades in. "VIDEO" in tiny text also fades in. The background then turns different colours, like diamond, blue, red, pink, school-bus yellow and diamond (again).

FX/SFX: The animation in this logo.

Cheesy Factor: Too much to describe, but I can tell you why:

• At first, the beginning starts off with "THE NEXT WAVE", then it shows the sunset sky with the trees and ponds. The text is WAY too unreadable. • Second, the sphere supposed to be in it's place when the text fades in. Instead, the sphere MOVED when it fades in. • Third, the words "SEA" appears in WHAT'S LEFT on a background, but the text was too dark to see.

Don't mention that awful jingle...

Music/Sounds: ...which consists of a quiet "BOOM!" which sounds like a bomb dropping, followed by humming (similar to the 80s PolyGram Video logo).

Availability: Again, check on eBay to see if there is any tapes that have this logo.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare, the animation is awful and the music is creepy.

3rd Logo (2004) (As Sea DVD)

Nickname: "Gold Picture and Text"

Logo: On a black background, we see a round square with the picture from the Sea Video warning screen, in gold. "SEA DVD" also in gold appears below.

FX/SFX: None, still logo.

Cheesy Factor: Cheese Me.

Music/Sounds: None, sometimes a whoosh.

Availability: Unknown.

Scare Factor: None, but the variant with the whoosh pushes to the low territory.