Logo; We see a majestic shot of a large amount of windows, high over the earth, in space. In the distance, comet-like objects descend from the sky and as they zoom towards us, we see that they are the trademark Face Raiders flying heads, shooting towards us. The shot appears to shimmer a bit and then we see that we've been watching a reflection all along; the flying heads have been reflected through the familiar ''Face Raiders Group'' script. It too descends through the windows above the flying heads, until we see a familiar Samurai Face coming into view, now on a blue sky background and surrounded by windows. The flying heads zoom in below the script logo, which is now a silver color with a green barrier, twisting and encircling the Samurai Face. The script logo assumes its position above the Samurai Face peak as the logo is completely formed. The Nintendo Films byline then fades in under the logo, along with the symbol.

Today is a Swap Films.

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