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1st Logo (2014-)

Seth Mendoza(2014).png


Nicknames:1era Intro.


We see a scene intro Ed Edd n Eddy , the intro follows the crossover scene from Family Guy and The Simpsons , following a scene from A Goofy Movie , after a Toy Story , after one of SpongeBob , after one of MLP , after a cartoon (not his name ) , after the intro scene where Ed Edd n Eddy collide and shown to follow , SETH LOQUENDERO MENDOZA , WELCOME tO MY CHANNEL, A still variant is used.

Variant(s): In 20 confesiones como Loquendero, the logo is still.

My Fanon Variants:


INC:Seen in Episodios que odio de las caricaturas, INC replaces Bienvenido a Mi Canal

FX: The animation of the videos.

Trivia : Edd is disembodied.

Cheesy Factor :Low to Medium.

Music/Sounds: A remix of Fox Theme.

Music/Sounds Variant(s) : In 20 confesiones como Loquendero, the 20th Century Fox 1994 fanfare is used.

Availability: Uncommon, seen on videos.

Scare FactorNone. is a funny intro/logo.

2nd logo.


Background : A grey background

Nickname(s):Nueva Intro Remasterizada

Logo/ID/Open/Warning: Like the first intro , but with different videos (some 1st intro) and the end of the intro goes a picture of Squidward saying " SETH MENDOZA TU ERES .. and Mr. Krabs replied " CALAMARDO DEJESE DE " Avoiceover says " Y AHORA SU PRESENTACION ESTELAR "

Variant(s): In Christmas/New Year videos,The intro is played normally, but get a sign that says " ENTER THE SAME , seriously, go with a quieter , the first intro is shown, but with images of the second intro , intro continues with several Christmas photos and ends .

FX: See 1st logo.

Cheesy Factor (optional; may be paired with the "FX" section)High to Cheese Me! , this is a cool intro.

Music/Sounds Variant(s) : In Christmas/New Year Videos, The Peanuts Movie Fox Fanfare is Used.

AvailabilityScarce, aparears in new videos of the channel.

Scare Factor:Minimal, the voiceover can be scare. but not compares with next...

Christmas .png

New Intro.png

3rd logo(Halloween Variant)



Nickname(s) (optional): 2nd Intro Halloween/ Creepy Second Intro

Logo/ID/Open: The second intro, but with distort.

FX/SFX:The all intros FX.

Cheesy Factor (optional; may be paired with the "FX" section)Cheese Me! This logo 

is cool!                                                        

Intro para Halloween

Music/Sounds: A distorted fox Fanfare, at the end, a lot of screams(included the Wilhelm Scream).

AvailabilityExtremely rare, only found in Creepypasta La Cinta de Contrabante de La Era de Hielo loquendo and La Verdadera Trama de Toy Story 3(Mi Opinion) loquendo.

Scare Factor'Medium to 'High, bordering to 'N'ightmare and possibly bordering to Super Freaky, the effects are too creepy, the black Edd is creepy and the screams scares. 

4th logo (2016)

New intro.png

Logo/ID/Open: Exactily the same variant and 1st and 2nd intro. but another image.

Variant(s) (optional): In Happy Birthday Gonzalo, the intro shows the 2nd intro images. the photo of Squidward and Mr Krabs is show.

FX: Same as all intros

Cheesy Factor (optional; may be paired with the "FX" section)High.

Music/Sounds: All sounds of the intros.

Availability:Extremely-rare/Brand new. Only seen in Devianart page. 

The animated version is seen in Happy Birthday Gonzalo.

Scare FactorNone.