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Shonim Video (1994)

Nicknames: "The Flying Hebrew Logo", "Zooming Shonim Video"

Logo: On a orange background, we seen the company name in Hebrew flying, then it stops, and it zooms out, and finally the text in English as "Shonim Video" in Omega Bold font.

FX/SFX: The flying and the zooming.

Cheesy Factor: Very cheap animation, also, they stole music from the 1992 Wai Shing logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1992 Wai Shing logo.

Availability: Rare outside of Israel, but inside that country, it's common. Seen on Hebrew VHS and DVD releases of DiC & Cartoon Network shows with Hebrew subtitles, as well as VHS and DVDs of Hong Kong, Thai, and Pakistani movies with Hebrew subtitles.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low, due to cheap animation, you must laugh at the brilliant music thift however.