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1st Logo (1990-)[]

Nicknames: "Snap Vomits on the Logo!"

Logo: In the color-changing background, the words "Snap is Adorable Pictures" appears in rainbow colors. Then suddenly, Snap appears out of nowhere, gets sick, puffs up his cheeks and vomits blue paint on the logo.

FX/SFX: Changing colors, Snap appearing, and him vomiting.

Music/Sounds: First the Viacom Wigga Wigga music, then Snap grunting and vomiting on the logo.

Availability: Ultra common! Many of the Ultimate Enterprise shows had this logo, mainly after the Ultimate Enterprise Snap logo. It is also seen, strangely, on the Powerpuff Girls episode "Insect Inside/Uh Oh...Dynamo".

Editor's Note: The sounds Snap makes when he's about to vomit may caught you off-guard, plus the color-changing background may get you have seizures. This logo is perfect for vomit fetishists, although it is well disliked by people who hated Supernova-Skymancer.