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Background: Snee Oosh World was an international production sub-arm of Snee-Oosh Television Studios and a division of Warped Snee-Oosh International Television created to make reality shows overseas.


Nickname: "CGI Bird"

Logo: We zoom-out from a brown and rotating model of Earth, to reveal it is the standard 1994 Warped Snee-Oosh logo except with "SNEE-OOSH WORLD" instead of "WARPED SNEE-OOSH". The "O" is the golden model of Earth. The byline, "A SNEE-OOSH TELEVISION STUDIOS COMPANY" fades-in when the logo forms.

FX/SFX: The zoom-out, the Earth rotating.

Music/Sounds: The Snee-Oosh split screen credits jingle from Hey Arnold!

Availability: Extinct. Was last seen on Temptation Beach on the now-defunct Snee-Oosh Reality Channel, but on OnlineWeb, the show cuts-off before the logo. Also seen on Bushroot Millionaire.

Scare Factor: High to Nightmare