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background:after their mom and dad may sonansu and dan sonansu were fired is connorworks,(1967) twins scott sonansu and lily sonansu made anime when they're 12 (1975) 2 years later there mom and dad had 3 kids named joe,tom and elleoit 2 days later they did a film about 1900's 12 days they went too the 41st connorworks awards (1977) 3 year later they learned about anime (1980) 3 years later sonansu productions was born (1983)

1st logo (1983-1987)

nicknames:"the lake of life" "bi-lake" "cgi lake" "that cgi logo after 2000's"

logo on a black background we see a lake 1.3 min. later we see "sonansu productions" fade in

  • on sky lifetime the text fade in early
  • on jazz a boat is showed

trivia:on lake city 3 kids are in a summertime of fun and lake fun. the lake is based on the lake in the logo

FX/SFX:a nice cgi


  • 1983-1985 lake sounds
  • 1985-1987 the closing theme of the show

availability:seen seeweed,lots of lots of lots,bull lake,time by time,caped tusk,2000,jazz and lake city

scare factor:low

2nd logo (1987-1992)

Sonansu Productions Logo.jpg

nicknames:"wobbuffet in the logo"

logo:we see wobbuffet on the left side on the right side there a scroll spinning when it stops "sonansu productions" shows up

FX/SFX:the scroll and the text


  • 1987-1989 spin sounds
  • 1989-1992 the closing theme of the show

availability:seen on wobby,doggy dog,the next 1000 years,2990,10 b.c.,bi-6-7-8,flashback!,bite!! and lake city

scare factor:none

3rd Logo (1992-2009)