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Logo Captured by JOA D Monte Carlo Dela Cruz

Created by Montes987

Note: This is a logo rip-off, but please don’t delete it.


Nicknames:"The Worst South Park logo Ever made" "1st place in the South Park Cringe Awards" "Why is There a Time Warner Byline In the logo" "The reason why all South Park logos are just Bad enough" "WBTV"

Logo: An WB Cloud on Deviantart is a Art One of Logo With Kenny,Kyle,Stan and Cartman With Gold Text "South Park" With Black Outline Border and Byline Says "A TIME WARNER COMPANY" in White and It Cuts To Black.

FX/SFX: none.

Music/Sound: Silent or Warner Bros Television Music.

Availability: Only seen on "The Stan Marsh Show" and Issue From "East Market" Thankfully it was plastered by the ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc logo on reruns.

Scare Factor: Low. You might Laugh or cringe due to the Blatant background.