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Speakonia Games, was founded in 1995 to make games based off there software, there first game was "Microsoft sam Pinball"

1st logo (1995-2001)

Logo: this is only a copyright on the arcade games released by the company titles, they were licsened to Taito America Corp., it says

(c) 1995 Speakonia games

Liscened to Taito America Corp.

Ability: Seen on arcade games until 2001, like "The adventures of Audlut male voice # 1" among others, until 2001, when taito gave up lisening and Namco took it over

2nd logo (2001-)

Logo: like before, only the "licsened to taito america corp." text is replaced with "(c) 1999, 2001, Namco" and "(c) 1999, 2011 Speakonia Games"

Ability: current, first seen on Super TTS 2, the last arcade game produced by the company, they moved it to consoles like wii, ps2, nintendo dsi, and nintendo 3ds