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Background: Spider Films is the company released by American-born Thames "Spider" Camus, very known for it's cartoon "Maheshwaran".

1st Logo



Logo: On a dark sky background, we see a man with the Tamil Eelam flag holding in it's left hand and making a pose turning 90 degrees, along with a pedestal, which doesn't reveal until the man stops spinning. The text "SPIDER FILMS" appears in the pedestal.

FX/SFX: The man rotating 90 degrees.

Music/Sounds: A trumpet fanfare with some xylophones on it.

Availability: Seen on Kulamagal Radha, Valai Milliyann Kannakkaana, Kelagal Kochi Cakootararkal, Malaikal Talai and Cilanti Manitan.

Editor’s Note: Very simple animation like most Tamil Eelam logos. Of course, this is nothing compared to it's other incarceration.

2nd Logo



WARNING: Due to violence, videos of this logo are not allowed.

Logo: On a city background, we see a dark gray spider jumping and then zooming right at us. The spider then crashes and spits blood over it, and a web is seen through the city, along with the text SPIDER in an uplifting font and Film in a cursive font, all over the web. The text in tamil, which translates to "SPIDER FILM PRODUCTION" zooms out over the bottom of the text.

Variant: A colored version is used, starting with Ninkale Inke Poovatillai Pootu (1966).

FX/SFX: All done in excellent 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A very suspensive and dramatic fanfare, which would be used in tandem as the theme for the "IN COLOR" bumper before a Spiderman cartoon from 1967.

Availability: Seen Ninkale Inke Poovatillai Pootu, Viktari Unta, Kokkam Muti Kalayee, Mr. Block, Vanakkam Enkkal Anpee Alukkar, Can you Hide Me There? The Scheme of Light and Enne Itayam Ippootu Uttaintuvittatu.

Editor’s Note: The evil spider zooming at us, along with the subject matter of the logo and the fanfare will scare many people. Sure that is the Spider's wrath, and the first time you see it, it would give you a heart attack.