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Background: Splaat Films is a film company who makes various different films.

1st logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo's gore, videos and photos will not be allowed on this site. LOOK UP VIDEOS AND PHOTOS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Logo: Same as the 2015 Timpson Films logo, but the head on the person is Splaat and the word "Splaat" takes the place of the word "Timpson".

Cheesy Factor: IS THIS EVEN SUITIBLE???? They stole the animation and sounds of the Timpson Films logo, so we don't know even if New Zealand even sued the company.

Variant: There exists a variant where the logo is censored.

Avalibility: Seen on adult films released by the company, which is mainly horror, pornography, and violence.

Scare Factor: Same as the 2015 Timpson Films logo, but it might teach your children DOO DOO FART

2nd logo


Logo: Basically the Klasky Csupo logo from 1998, but the logo says "Splaat Films".

IMG 0196.JPG

FX/SFX: The whole thing.

Cheesy Factor: same as the KC logo. However, this is MUCH better than before.

Music/Sounds: Same as the KC logo, but Splaat says in a robotic voice, "Splaat Films!"

Avalibility: Seen on some kid and family movies.

Scare factor: Same as KC's logo, but this is A LOT better than the 1st logo.