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Background: Splinter Productions is a Nigerian Production Company That Was Founded By Alf Duncan and Splinter Reveco (Not The TMNT Character But The Mutated Rat Nigerian Filmmaker and Founder), in January 2000, When Reveco Met Duncan To Have a Conversation to Make New Films Starting In January 4th 2000, Right Over Beyond Nigerian Safe Work In Films, Splinter Used To Make Any Films In Nigerian With Two Parts While He Wanted To Make a New Film For Late 2001, He Consider For His Own Wagging Tail To Make One Part of The Camera and The Directing Path, Alf Duncan Used One of the Filmmaking to Record Each Films For Rest of the Year, Later In December 1 2006, Alf Duncan Died In His Sleep Early This Morning from Stroke at The Age of 66, When Splinter Became Depressed as He Kept Making One More Film That He Had Before He Was Arrested In December 16th 2006 Because The Guards Won‘t Stand Him, Later in December 26 2006, Reveco Died of Head Injuries at The Age of 56 (Due To Blunt Force Head Trauma) That The Mean Guard Name Gerbasi That Beaten Him Up, Gerbasi Was Later Arrested by the Police, His Filmmaking was Taken Over By His Son Whoever is a Mutated Water Rat Named Ratty Reveco Which Own Born Path Until It was Shut Down In December 24, 2010.

(2000 - 2010)

Nickname: “OJ Productions’ Cousin“ “20th Century Master Splinter” “Nigerian Master Splinter But He’s Not Here”

Logo: Same as OJ Productions Logo, But “OJ” Got Replaced With “SPLINTER” Which Being In Same Font as ”OJ” Had.

FX/SFX: Same as OJ Productions Logo.

Music/Sound: Same as OJ Productions Logo.

Availability: Seen on 2000 - 2010’s Two Part Nigerian Movies, Such as ”Merida: Part 1”, ”Merida: Part 2”, “The True Story: Part 1”, ”The True Story: Part 2” and Many Other Films That Were Released.

Editor’s Note: none.

Final Note: as Splinter Reveco Died In December 26th 2006, Ratty Knew His Father‘s Company Had Shut Down In December 24th 2010 (Probably It Went Liquidation) After Alf Duncan Sadly Passed Away in December 1st 2006.