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1st Logo


Logo: On a scrolling picture of The Hollywood Sign, a handful of letters scroll to the left, then shrink and clone the same letters at the same time each letter, spelling out "SPONS". In the end of the logo, the word, "Video", clones itself and goes down. Then, we see a missle heading towards the screen, and then cuts off to a blank screen with the words, "presents" with purple text. We then cut off to a black screen.

FX/SFX: The letters, and word, with a scrolling Hollywood sign behind the city of Los Angeles.

Music/Sounds: The Rank Screen Advertising logo from the 1970's.


- On one VHS tape of "The Adventures Of The Kite", the logo is G-Major.

- On "Sarvente's War Against Society", the letters are the same colors as Sarvente (and Ruv).

Availability: Rare. Check out UK and see for the tape logo of "Spons Video" from the 1970's.

Spons Video (letters)

The first logo (letters).

Spons Video 2