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Background: Spruce Wood Films Private Limited Is An Telugu Language Based On Film Companies.


Spruce Wood Films Pvt. Ltd.
Warning Warning: If You Find A Video,It Is Very Loud,Please Lower Your Volume Before You Can Watch It.

Logo: On A Blue Weird Space Background,We See So Many Thunderstorms,And We See Spruce Skin Flashes,Until The Text "SPRUCE" Flashes,With The Text "WOOD FILMS PRIVATE LIMITED" Flashes,Until "Presents" Zooms In,We Fade To Black After A Man Singing In Telugu.

FX/SFX: Coming Soon!

Music/Sounds: A Really Weird Thunderstorms,So Which is Increases The Scare Factor,Some Bells Ringing,A Strong Wind Incoming For The Sound,A Man Singing With A Deep Synth Coming.

Availability: Seen On తెలుగు స్కూల్

Scare Factor: Medium To Nightmare Because They've Made The Logos,This Is One Of The Most Insane Logos In Earth,Like Batterytechnica Productions Logo.