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Background: Star Spangled Banner Productions is Shrunksons creator Matthew Andrews' independent production company, known for producing the animated series Space-o-rama and the Christmas special Jimmy the Other Dog.

(March 28, 1999- )

Nicknames: "The Flag", "The Flag of Doom", "The US Flag"

Logo: Against a black background, we see the silvery words "STAR SPANGLED BANNER PRODUCTIONS" arranged in three lines underneath a square. Above it is a clip of the National Anthem, which varies depending on the episode. In either version, there is a US flag waving on a sky background. On the other version, the US flag is on a solid light blue background. The "O" in "PRODUCTIONS" has a dot in it.

Trivia: The US flag footage is taken from sign offs of television stations of that time.

Variant: On later episodes and Direct to Video movies of Space-o-rama, the words "in association with" are shown below the logo.

FX/SFX: The flag waving.

Music/Sounds: Either a majestic fanfare or the end of the Star-Spangled Banner song, depending on the episode. On early episodes, it's silent.

Availability: Common in a still and credit-compressed version of airings of Space-o-rama on Adult Central and Jimmy the Other Dog in local syndication and The BM around Christmas. The unaltered version appears on WXXD America and local syndicated airings of Space-o-rama. But it could be found on DVDs and VHS tapes of Space-o-rama and Oogy the Other Reindeer.

Scare Factor: Low to high. The weird music and flag patterns will scare a lot. The silent variant of the logo might be elevated to medium to high due to the loud Warped/Stupid Snee-Oosh television logo immediately following it. For the still and credit-compressed version, none.