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Background (optional): Stick! incorpartion is a video company.

Note (optional): When the logo image appears by WIPR4218, then it is deemed to be scary.

Nickname(s); Evil Robot

===Logo: In a evil purple blobby BG, we see the Evil, SCARY Robot appearing. looks at us, makes a red painted text reading SticK inc. at the end, it screams loud.

Variant(s) (optional): On Saddy Show, the characters named Saddy, making the logo's volume louder.

FX: The baddie-looking animation used in 2D.

Cheesy Factor: CHEESE ME!===

  • Music/Sounds: The scary looking 1890's Moog synthezier tune, the robot evilly saying Stiiick!!!!!!

Availability: seen on did Stm Buses don't work?

Scare Factor: SUPER FREAKY!!!! The logo's bad animation can upset children.