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Suitcase Pictures was the made-for-television film and a TV division of Suitcase Productions, that produced television films and some theatrical releases. In 1994, the company shut down.

Logo (1983-1994)[]

Nickname: "The Orange-And-Yellow Words".

Logo: On the black background, we see the word "T" in red come in from the left to the middle, revealing the word "SUI" next to it along with the word "C" coming in from the right to the middle, revealing the word "ASE" next to it. They stop when they reach to the middle. A few seconds later, they zoom out. During a second of the zoom out, they split apart, forming the word "SUITCASE". The zoom out stops and the words "SUIT" turns orange, accompanied by "CASE" turning yellow. The word "SUIT" flashes in sync with the 1st beat of the drum, then the word "CASE" flashes in sync with the 3rd beat of the drum. The words all flash in sync with the 5th beat of the drum. Then, the word "PICT" in the same color of "SUIT" slides in from the left to the position of "SUIT", accompanied by the word "URES" also in the same color of "CASE" sliding in from the right to the position of "CASE", connecting it and forming the word "PICTURES". It also flashes in sync with the last beat of the drum.


  • There's a closing variant where the logo is still. The words will either read above the word "SUITCASE": Distributed by, In Association With, This has been a (with the word "PRESENTATION" below the word "PICTURES"), Produced by, etc. This was seen at the end of televised films/TV shows.
  • A short variant exists where it starts out with just the words turning orange and yellow, then the rest plays as normal.
  • On one airing on The UBO Network of the 1985 film The Casers VS The Evil Casers, the background has a little green hue. This was possibly due to tape or film deterioration.
  • A videotaped variant exists.
  • A filmed variant possibly exists.
  • There's a dark color variant, probably due to film deterioration.
  • A sped-up version exists.
  • An off-sync version exists, where it starts out with the black background in 2 seconds while the music plays, then the logo begins.

FX/SFX: The words coming in, the zooming out, the splitting, the color changing, the flashing and the sliding.

Music/Sounds: A cymbal is heard at the start along with the synth notes (C-F-G). When the last note of the synth plays, a low synth bass is heard held-out for 2 seconds, then the same synth notes play again, accompanied by other synth instruments when the words zoom out. Then the same synth bass plays again on the last note of the synth. When the zoom out stops, rapid "pop-click" noises is heard. Rapid bass drums are also heard when "SUIT" turns orange and "CASE" turns yellow. The "pop-click" noise and the rapid bass drums stops, followed by another cymbal accompanied by a synth music that sounds like it came from the 90s that ends with a drum accompanied by a held-out synth note (C) for 3 seconds. After the drum, another rapid "pop-click" noise is heard, ending with 2 cymbals, in which the last cymbal is accompanied by a drum.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the closing variant, the music would either have the ending theme of the film, an announcer saying, "Distributed by/In association with/This has been a Suitcase Pictures Presentation", etc.
  • On the 1986 film WhirlyCasers, the music seems quiet.
  • The music might be distorted on some prints. However, this is possibly due to film deterioration.
  • Sometimes, the music is silent on some prints.
  • On a 1988 Polish airing of the 1986 film WhirlyCasers, The original music was replaced with the opening theme of the film.


  • The short variant can be seen on trailers of WhirlyCasers, The Casers VS The Evil Casers.
  • The videotaped variant was spotted on a few episodes of The Suitcase Show, My Three Casers, SuperCasers, and the 2nd season of The Beverely Casers.
  • The filmed variant was partially seen on one episode of Tricky Races.
  • The dark variant can be seen on several color episodes of It's Suitcase Day, The Amazing World Of Ashley, among others.
  • It's unknown what the sped-up variant appeared on, but it can be briefly seen on one episode of The Casers: Coming To The Rescue! before it cuts to the SuitcaseFan17 Productions Logo.
  • An off-sync version was only spotted on one episode of The Great World Of Suitcase.
  • The logo with the music distorted might be seen on 2 episodes of VERY Tricky Races.
  • The logo with the music silent was seen on the last episode of SUPER Tricky Races.

Editor's Note: The animation and the music could get to some and find it a little cheesy, but this is a great logo for its animation and its music.