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Background: A film production founded in Nyaruambi.


Logo: On a black/red diagonal background, TBA

FX/SFX: The bizarre animation, which is typical of the 80's.

Music/Sounds: A fragment of Rock with you - Michael Jackson, which transitions into a loud zap and *WHAISH* and a two-note finale (which is actually taken from the Graham Kennedy Show's ending credits).

Music/Sounds Variants: On kids distribution/exclusive-for-VHS cartoons, the fanfare has been remodelated by a younger audience and there's no two-note finale, while the zap and *WHAISH* go, the music is still playing.

Availability: Seen on releases such as Lé Unité, 123 Rue Sesam, Les Callebróques du Bujumbura, Mantriles du Afrique and Cro et Marmot.

Scare Factor: Medium to high for the normal logo, and Low for the kids variant.