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Background: Sun Corporation is a variety card made by Christian Ramerdez.

1st logo (2007-present)

Logo: On a sunset background with mountains and water, we see a small couch flying. Two people are sitting on it and one is holding a bowl of something. A blue Chinese-like symbol appears over it while the cyan text "Sun Corporation" appears over it.


  • A extended variant with "Paving the future" under the symbol appears on movies from Christan.
  • On an episode of Great: The Show, the logo appears on a TV screen.

FX/SFX: The background moving.

Music/Sounds: A voice saying "Sun Corporation." on the extended variant, the voice also says "Paving the Future."

Availability: Common. Seen on every show Christan makes such as "Paul and Stompbox" on Adult Swim, and "The Joe Show" on Comedy Central starting with Season 7. Also appeared on an episode of Great: The Show. The extended version can be seen on the Canadian-American animated movie Legends of Stuff.

Scare Factor: None.