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File:Fox-logo super.jpg

the logo from 1994-2009

Super 20th Century fox, is a  sisters company founded by Joe Millan along Fox Searchlight Pictures in 1994.

1st logo (1994- 2009 )

Logo:It Look same like 1994 logo but with Super on it,The News Corporation Company byline faded in.

Music:On 1994-1998 They used the first music on 1998-2009 They used the new version.

Abilaty: Common, seen on super 20th century fox films from 1994-2009, this logo plasters on the current prints of "The Omen" (1976)

2nd logo (2009- )

Logo: just like the 2009 logo but says "super" on the top

Music: see above

Ability: current, seen on newest super 20th century fox films, it was first seen on "The Magic City" released on December 30, 2009