TAKE2oons Originals

This Is The Cartoon Product Of TAKE2 Media.

1st Logo (2011-)


  • "The Star Wars Logo"
  • "TAKE2oons In Space"
  • "The Star"

On A Space Background, We See The TAKE2oons Logo Explodes In. The Name "TAKE2oons" In The TAKE2 Font Then Explodes. The Name "ORIGINALS" Appearing Below And The Byline "A Wikia Company" Appearing At The Same Font And Time As "ORIGINALS" Below It.


The Explosion, The Name, The Text And The Byline Appearing.


The First Few Notes Of The Star Wars Theme, Then Explosion Sounds And The Male Voice Say "TAKE2oons!".


Seen On Episodes Of Ruby Gloom And Wrath Warriors.

Scare Factor

High. The explosion might give the goosebumps.

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