Background: THX is a real audio company, I am just making dream logos. Real Logos Can Be Found Here:

15th Trailer


Nicknames: "Homer?!" “The Simpsons Movie THX”

Logo: On a black background, Homer appears. He then grabs a yellow laser and draws a rectangle with it. The words “For the first time ever, 20th Century Studios and THX presents....” appear then slowly fade out. More words fade in “.....The Simpsons Movie, in HD and Ultimate Audio.....” then fade out. Finally, the yellow rectangle fades out. A yellow THX logo hits the ground causing a remixed version of the Deep Note to play. Homer says “THX! Everybody loves TO HATE THX! But I love it!”. Homer then puts a slide on which says “The Simpsons Are Listening”.

FX/SFX: Real CGI except for Homer, who is 2D.

Music/Sounds: Everything that’s happening.

Availability: Extinct. Seen in THX theaters from 2008 to 2010.

16th Trailer


Nicknames: "Burning", "The reason why I did not go to the movies in 2010"

Logo: We see a silver THX logo rising up from the water. When it has fully risen, it's set on fire. It then shines when the flames go down. The background then turns black and "L U C A S F I L M" fades in above the THX logo.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sounds: An really ominous orchestra tune, ending in the PAL Broadway Deep Note.

Availability: Seen in THX theatres from 2010 to 2012.

17th Trailer


Nicknames: "Can You Feel It?", "Something That Wouldn't Scare The Kids"

Logo: On a black background, a thin shiny black circular outline. A child's hand then touches it, causing it to change the colour to electric green. In it's place is the THX logo with a slogan, "Can you feel it?".

FX/SFX: All brilliant CGI, made by the guys from Warner Bros. Studios.

Music/Sounds: Just a press of a button.

Availability: Extinct. Was seen in some THX theatres from 2012 to 2014.

18th Trailer


Nicknames: "Broadway 2014", "Let's See It In II"

Logo: On a black background, we see orange text fading in:

"Let's see it in...".

The text then fades out. Then, a blue rectangle fades in. Then from nowhere, there is a tunnel of many yellow rays and the rectangle fades out. A 3D THX logo zooms in, then stops and copyright info fades in below.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sounds: At first, there is some silence. Then, when the rectangle fades in, a much longer and slower version of the Deep Note is heard.

Availability: Long extinct as it’s short lived.

19th Trailer


Nicknames: "The Trollpasta Beat Up Logo", "The Reason Why I Never Saw SpingBoob’s New Bike 2", "The Trollpasta Logo", "Trollpasta beats up Tex", "Tex vs. Trollpasta"

Logo: On a rapidly-flashing rainbow background, we see Tex from THX trailer 5 going into a laboratory. We cut to the laboratory, which we can see Dr. Robotnik (in his AoSTH form) and Moar Krabs on a bed. Dr. Robotnik tells to Moar Krabs that he is going to sink with his Super Poopy Blah Blaster. Tex then peeks out and flies around. Then, the Trollpasta cast come in and beat up Tex as he gets killed by the beat up. He dies as the THX logo and blue rectangle appear on Tex. Then, we fade to the 2010 version of the THX Broadway logo as we see the Troll Face flying around, as the background turns to a different colour of a flashing rainbow. Then, the logo fades out and about 1 minute later, a screamer pops out of nowhere and scares the audience as the screen shatters to glass.

FX/SFX: All great animation, made by Maxwell Studios' in-house animation company, Maxdigitwell.

Variant: On most Japanese theatres, the beating up part is cut and replaced with a black screen with the word "検閲" in Japanese, due to concern of epilepsy.

Music/Sounds: Some 1930's sounding music before the beat up scene, some smacks and blood splattering sounds for the beat up part, the Deep Note, the scream from the K-fee commercial, and the glass shattering.

Availability: Extinct. Seen on almost every Trollpasta movie at many THX theatres. The variant was common in Japan.

20th Trailer


Nicknames: "PvZ Style", "The Modern Day Background", "Broadway Style", "PvZ got THX!"

Logo: Just a modern day background, we see on a frame with a Broadway for a THX logo, then fades into a black background.

FX/SFX: I don't think so. See CLG Wiki Dream Logos for the idea.

Music/Sounds: The Modern Day from PvZ theme.

Availability: Seen on THX-certified prints of The Run, PvZ The Rivals, and even GoAnimate BIG Poop. Intact on DVD and Blu-Ray releases of those films.

21th Trailer


Nicknames: "Minecraft Pods", "THX Style II"


22nd Trailer


Nickname: "Bouncing Green Ball"

Logo: On a very black background we see a green ball bouncing up & down over and over again then we just heard the deep note playing from the logo (after the green ball ) the ball disappeared in like 6 seconds then the THX logo appears the sound plays in 3 minutes and ended and the logo disappears.

23rd Trailer (2017-)

Nicknames: "THX Grenade", "College Animation Final Project"

Logo: On a black background, A grenade rolls on the top line of the "T", then it rolls down to the underscore of the logo. It explodes in the middle of the underscore and the Deep Note plays

Music/Sounds: The grenade hitting the logo, the grenade rolling, the explosion, and the +4 pitched Deep Note.

Availability: First available on YouTube on August 14, 2006.

24th trailer (2017-)

Nickname: "Boy in the THX logo"

Logo: On a bedroom background, a cartoon boy snores, but wakes up by the alarm clock, and crawls rapidly until he falls down from a gap to the bottom of the T. He presses the button which reads "Start THX Sound Test" and the Deep Note starts playing. The camera zooms out to the THX logo, then the boy pops out of the T and he hits the screen, then he sticks off the screen and falls down.

Music/Sounds: The boy snoring, a clock ringing, the boy crawling, a cartoon "down" sound effect, The boy hitting the metal, the -1.5/pitched Deep Note from the Broadway DVD and Tex EX trailers, a whoosh sound, a plop sound, and a crashing sound.

25th trailer (2018-)

Nickname: "The THX Owl"

Logo: On a night background, an owl appears. When the Deep Note gets louder, the owl flies away to make room for the THX logo, which the branch turns into the logo's underscore.

Music/Sounds: The +1/pitched Deep Note.

26th trailer (2018-)

Nickname: "THX Girl"

Logo: A cartoon girl is seen sitting on her chair. The deep note begins to play, then cuts to the TV. On the TV screen, the word "The Audience is Listening" appears. Then, cuts to the girl opens her mouth as the deep note gets louder, but as the deep note gets more louder, the girl flies up and the THX logo appears on the TV. The girl closes her mouth before the Deep Note ends, but Tex rescues the girl.

Music/Sounds: The original Deep Note

27th trailer


Nicknames: "Water THX"

Logo: The THX logo floats in the water. After the Deep Note gets louder, the words "The Audience is Listening", also floats up on the water.


Music/Sounds: Same as the Broadway trailer.

28th trailer


Nickname: "Torn Dollar Bill"

Logo: Live-action hands tear a dollar bill into a THX logo.

Music/Sounds: The dollar bill tearing and a short version of the deep note.

29th trailer

Puppet Pals


Nickname: "Puppet Pals", "Puppet Pals meet the THX logo"

Puppet Pals (2006)- THX Trailer

Puppet Pals (2006)- THX Trailer

Trailer: On a black background, we see this odd speck that talks in a familiar voice to Alonzo (from Puppet Pals) . It gets closer.... and... closer...OH! It's just Lincoln (from Puppet Pals). They talk about if they can hear each other. Then, Lincoln says "Kinda losing ya", causing Alonzo to drop the THX logo, and he shouts "HOW ABOUT THIS?!?! I'VE GOT HIM REAL CLOSE!!! CAN YOU READ ME?!?!" knocking Lincoln off-screen, then followed by the Deep Note. Alonzo then turns to the audience, winks and then goes off-screen. The THX logo shines as usual. Then the screen transitions to a message reading "THE PUPPETS IS LISTENING" (spoofing the "The Audience is Listening" motto, with "PUPPETS" in the same font as the movie).

FX/SFX: The characters moving, and the THX logo dropping.

Music/Sounds: The characters talking, sound effects corresponding to the animation, and the Deep Note.

Availability: Extinct. It was only seen at THX theaters that showed Puppet Pals (2018). Also seen on the THX website.

30th Trailer


Nickname: "Fog THX"

31st Trailer


Nickname: "Grand Tex" "Tex 5: Grand" "Grand 2: Tex"

THX Grand Tex (1st Collaboration Trailer)

THX Grand Tex (1st Collaboration Trailer)

Trailer: We see Tex walk in a black screen and for a few seconds he freaks out and runs away as we see a beam of light and it's reveals the THX Grand Trailer, it plays normally until the THX logo appears and it stops, then we see Tex fly in, as he mutters "Oh George." (referring to George Lucas) then he flies away, and after a few seconds, we see Tex fly back in with a remote, he presses a button, then the THX logo zooms into the screen and Tex flies away, soon the text "CERTIFIED CINEMA" appears below the THX logo, and then the screen fades to black.

FX/SFX, 3-D animation from Sebastian Segura, and 2-D animation from Liam Media

Music/Sounds: A mix of Deep Notes from Grand, Broadway, Eclipse, and Broadway DVD, and Tex's dialog.

Availability: Brand new, will appear in THX Certified Cinemas soon.

Editor's Note: The animation is both wonderful and cheesy at the same time.


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