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TVB (Television Bhojpuri) is a television channel launched in the late 1983. In 1990, it was quickly renamed into Star Bhojpuri.



Visuals: The logo starts of with a shooting starfield background for four seconds before many footages of Vujudga, a city in Pharaoh (A Bhojpuri state in shivaka) zooming in for 14 seconds. After this was over, eight red lines slides left and right on the screen one by one. Two letters, T and V spins around the screen before conjoining into a connected TV letter. This is followed by an abstract B zooming in to the screen before placing itself on the lines, before it forms into the former logo. Then the text "Television Bhojpuri Channel 4" flashes in word by word.

Technique/Cheesy Factor: The background and the footages zooming, the lines sliding, the TV text spinning and the B zooming, and the text flashing. Pretty choppy animation for it's time and place, the background is cheaply animated, looking like scanimate, and the text are poorly designed as well for the 80's, making this logo very cheesy for a television channel. At least the music isn't that bad sounding for the era.

Audio: A good sounding synth sitar theme with a group of men singing at the end "Te-le-Vis-on-Bhoj-Pu-Ri!".

Availability: Extinct, seen on their programing from the 1983 to 1990.

Scare Factor: None to low, the animation may be a bit scary, but it's not that bad due to the cheesiness.