Background: TailWind started as a venture between Klonoa and Miles "Tails" Prower for producing cable access programs. They eventually branched out into network TV and movies.

First logo (1996-) Nickname: "Pushing With a Gust of Wind" Logo: Starts out on a turquoise background. A bright orange fireball-like object flies through the middle of the screen. The camera pans to reveal the source as Klonoa's ring. Halfway through the screen, the fireball morphs into Tails in flight. He screeches to a halt at the right of the screen as the camera zooms out to show Klonoa on the left and Tails on the right. Two fireballs, this time teal and gold, fly by revealing the words TailWind Entertainment in those colors. It fades to black. Variant: Begins with the fireballs wiping the words in. Used in the 2000-2001 season only. Has also had "Entertainment" replaced with Productions (in the early years) as well as Television Distribution and Films. The movie variant is somewhat darker colored. SFX: The fireball morphing; the pans; the two fireballs making text appear. Cheesy Factor: The pans are a little choppy. Otherwise, great SFX for 1996. Music: A flame sound when the fireballs fly. When the 1st morphs, there is a quick chime (dddding!). A brake screech plays when Tails stops. At the end, a cool guitar version of the Revue theme plays. Availability: Can be seen on any show they produce, such as "Computer-centric With Lori and Tails" on H5 (their version of G4) Scare Factor: Low, this logo is good for the mid-'90s, but the sound FX and Revue theme might scare some.

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