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Teacup Productions was founded in 2006 by Eddie Whirley. They are the current main label of E.W. Holdings.

Teacup Productions 

Logo 1

Lifespan: 2006-2008

Nickname: Teacupproductionsjij

Logo: Just the text "TEACUPPRODUCTIONSJIJ" in a Fixedsys font over the show's parting scene. The color varies on each show.

Trivia: JIJ stands for "Jiggles in Jello."

FX: It's an in credit logo.

Cheesy Factor: They could've put some effort into it.

Music: Whatever audio was playing in the background. On rare occasions, the logo had an announcer over it.

Availiability: Extinct. It appeared on programs by Teacup shot with Sony cameras. The company currently has no way to play these tapes at the moment, so it may never be seen again.

Scare Factor: Depends on what was going on in the background, otherwise it's harmless.

Logo 2

Lifespan: 2006-2010

Nickname: Early TCP

Logo: On a blue background, the text "TCP" appears in a Microsoft Sans Serif font, followed by "TEA CUP PRODUCTIONS" appearing below. The text fades out after a few seconds.

FX: The TCP and TEA CUP PRODUCTIONS fading in and out.

Cheesy Factor: Once again, too simple of a logo, it needs more effort.

Music: The ending theme to the show or silent.

Availiability: Seen on programs by Teacup from 2006-2010. 

Scare Factor: Same as the first logo.

Logo 3

Lifespan: 2010-2011

Nickname: Animated TCP

Logo: On a white background, the letters "TCP" in big block letters form line by line. Once each letter finishes, the inside of it changes colors. The inside of the "T" turns red, the "C" remains white, and the "P" turns blue. After forming, the background turns pink and "TEACUP PRODUCTIONS INC" appears above in a yellow Rockwell font. 

FX: The TCP forming, the background changing from white to pink and "TEACUP PRODUCTIONS INC" appearing.

Cheesy Factor: Seems rushed.

Music: Had no known music.

Avaliability: Seen on programs by Teacup such as "The EdHole", "Josh and Eddie's Awesome Show", "History of Microsoft", and "Fire Alarm Tests."

Scare Factor: Low to medium.

Logo 4

Lifespan: 2010-2011, 2013, February 2014

Nickname: Hollywood TCP

Logo: On a black background, we see the text "TCP", this time in a yearbook solid font. The text sweeps back to the middle of the screen where it flashes. "Teacup Productions" in the same text fades in below.

Variants: The prototype variant of the logo had the "TCP" in a blue impact font. "Teacup Productions" was also in a blue impact font but it was underlined.

A short variant appears at the end of shows that starts with the TCP flashing.

A laggy variant has been spotted as well.

FX: The logo sweeping back, flashing, Teacup Productions appearing.

Cheesy Factor: None to report here.

Music: The logo had two music variants.

2010- April 2011, 2014: A gentle electric guitar riff with the sounds of birds in the background.

April-May 2011: The 1985 World Wrestling Federation logo music. The laggy variant had it in an extremely loud volume.

Sometimes, the end theme plays over the closing variant.

Availiability: Appeared on the final few episodes of "Josh and Eddie's Awesome Show!", "Railfanning", "Angry German Kid". The version with the WWF music appeared on "Easter: 2011" as well as some prints of "John Cena's First Match." The laggy version appeared on a beta tape of the T.U.F.F Puppy special "Saving Kitty", but the official airing of the special had the regular version. The logo made a surprise appearence at the end of "Gusta is a Five Letter Word" and several episodes of "Union R-Fan" in 2014.

Scare Factor: Depends on the variant.

Original: None to low.

April-May 2011: Medium, High to Nightmare for the laggy variant.

Logo 5

Lifespan: May- December 2011, February 2014

Nickname: 5/8 years of excellence.

Logo: We see the WGBH Flash of Doom logo from 1977. It animates as usual but when it flashes, it fades out into the Hollywood TCP ident from the last logo. The text "Teacup Productions" fades in as usual followed by "Celebrating 5 Years of Excellence" appearing below in an Art Deco font.

Variants: A version from 2014 exists that reads "Eight Years Strong: 2006-2014".


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