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1st(and only) Logo (1988-present)[]


Background: TeleMation was founded in 1987 by Jacob Gordy to create a new production company for his animated series "Jacob's World", which had previously been done by Nelvana. While normally focusing in animation, TeleMation also distributes live-action shows and films.

Nickname: "The Personification of All That is Serious and Silly"

Logo: On a blue gradient background, the letters "TELE" in white fade in. The letters "MatioN" in all 6 colors of the simplified rainbow, one for each letter, bounce in beside them. All the letters turn to gold, and the silver word "PRODUCTIONS" slides in.

Variants: On shows it distributes in North America, "PRODUCTIONS" is replaced with "DISTRIBUTION". Internationally, "PRODUCTIONS" or "DISTRIBUTION" is replaced with "INTERNATIONAL". A still version exists for live action(non-puppet) shows, as well as films(live-action of not).

FX/SFX: Brilliant CGI.

Cheesy Factor: The logo is off-center. This is much more apparent in the 4:3 version.

Music/Sounds: The logo starts off with serious music as "TELE" fades in, a silly tune as "MatioN" bounces in, and then the logo finishes with a string choir. Otherwise, the closing theme or none. On "Power Rangers", one of the Rangers says "Morphenomenal!"

Availability: Extremely common. Can be seen on "Jacob's World" and "Dan the Science Man". The distribution variant can be seen on reruns of "Pee-Wee's Playhouse", "JonTron" and the "Power Rangers" series, among works by Jim Henson(such as The Muppet Show and Dinosaurs) and the hit series "Doctor Who" and "Mystery Science Theater 3000". The international variant can be seen on international prints of those shows.

Scare Factor: None to low. This is a favorite of many, especially Jacob's World fans, Whovians, and MSTies.