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TeleToon Is A European TV Channel owned by Astral Media.

1st Logo (1997-2007)


File:Friutoons 3d adventure teletoon logo variation.jpg

The Logo As Seen Here.

  • "Growing Panes"
  • "The Corporate Chiclet"
  • "TeleToon Smile"
  • "Oval Smile"
  • "Telekgrk
  • " Why Is Mario's Chiclet Floating In Water"

On A White Background, We See A Bunch Of Watercolor Lines In The Shape Of The Teletoon Chiclet Logo And Squiggle Around To Draw. Then, The Lines Come Closer And "SMASH" Together To Reveal And Form A Solid TeleToon Logo. Underneath The Logo Is The Byline "TELETOON Is A Registered Trademark Of Astrial Media Inc." With The Same Byline Below It In Portuguese. On Nissan on the Range the byline reads Nissan on the Range, and all related logo are trademarks for Teletoon.


  • In The Stations Early Years, The Red Border Wasn't There, Sometimes, It Appeared Blue, Light Green Or Orange Instead Of Red. In Other Cases, It's In-Credit With "Produced With The Participation Of" Above It, The Light Green Chiclet Appears.
  • In The Production's Early Days, The Logo Was In-Credit With "Produced with the participation of" Or Sometimes "PRODUCED WITH THE PARCIPATION OF", Like On Rescue Heroes.
  • In Some Shows, It Appears Superimposed On The Closing Credits In A Box.
  • On Bumptales, The Logo Was Bylineless.
  • An Shorter Version Had Starred With A "Smash" Appears.
  • On Early Episodes Of Wayside And Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers, The Website URL" Is Shown Below The Chiclet. And On Wayside The Teletoon Logo Switches To The Nickelodeon Logo. And Up There Is The Word, "This Has Been A Presentation Of". This Would Appear On The 2006 Version.
  • A short version appeared with the chiclet popping. This was taken from the episode Nissan on the Range: Better Not Safe.


The Lines Revealing And Forming A Solid Teletoon Logo And Making It Float From Side To Side .


The Closing Theme Of The Show, Sometimes It Emerges With A Cartoony Jingle And A Pop Sound When The Chiclet Jumps Out. Sometimes, Only The Closing Of The Show Is Heard.

Music/Sounds Variant

An Shorter Version Has Only 4 Notes Of The Music And A "Pop" Sound.


Seen on Nissan on the Range on Cookie Jar TV. It was also seen on Mazda 3. Sometimes,it appeared muckaluck. It appeared on Universal's reruns of Isaiah and the Alien from 2010 to 2011. 

In (TV-Y7) it seen on shows like Nissan on the Range (Co-Production With Cookie Jar) And Eight Millions (Co-Production With Classic Media and Cookie Jar) The (popping) version was seen on the Nissan on the Range episode, Better Not Safe

Seen On Practicly Every TeleToon Show In Canada.

In USA, It Is Seen On Shows Like Maggie And The Ferocious Beast (Co-Production With Nelvana) And Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (Co-Production With Callaway Arts And Entertainment, AbsoluteDigital Pictures And Nelvana) (First Seasons Only, Treehouse TV From 2006 To 2007) On Nick Jr.

Bromwell High (Co-Production With Hat Trick Productions And DHX Media) And Early Episodes Of Spliced (Co-Production With Nelvana) On Qubo.

Early Episodes Of Friutoons (Co-Production With AipomWorks Studios, Burger King Animation And Nelvana) On PBS Kids Sprout.

What's With Andy (Co-Production With CineGroupe, Saban International (Season 1), SiP Animation (Season 2) And Super RTL (Season 3)), Early Episodes Of 6Teen (Co-Production With Fresh TV And Nelvana), Atomic Betty (Co-Production With Breakthrough Films And Televison, TeleImages Kids, Atomic Cartoons, Tele-Toon (Season 3-) And Marathon Group (M6 In Seasons 1 And 2)) And Chop Socky Chooks (Co-Production With Aardman Animations And Decode Entertainment) On Teletoon And Cartoon Network.

Season 1, Season 2 And Early Season 3 Episodes Of Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers (Co-Production With Nelvana) On SOAPnet (Both Disney/ABC And Wikia).

Undergrads (Co-Production With DHX Media And MTV Animation),Class Of The Titans (Co-Production With Nelvana, Top Draw Animation And DHX Media), Early Episodes Of Stonage (Co-Production With Burger King Animation, FremantleMedia And Epitome Pictures) On Disney Channel And Toon Disney (Now Disney XD).

Gerrad McBoing Boing (Co-Production With Classic Media And Cookie Jar) On Boomerang.

Bumptales (Co-Production With Renegade Animation And Chorion) On Playhouse Disney (Now Disney Junior).

Also Seen On TAKE2 Prints (The TAKE2 Channel, TAKE2oons And The T) Of Ruby Gloom (Co-Production With YTV (All Other Prints Only) And Nelvana), Plastering The YTV Logo As Well As Skater's Eye (Co-Production With Weta Productions, Burger King Television And Nelvana).

And can be shown on Mean Girls with the Chorion logo.

In 2009, it is seen on shows such as Fireman Louie (Co-Production With Studio B Productions, 20th Century Fox,Nelvana and Decode.

Scare Factor

None. The Chiclet Popping Would Surprise You For The 1st Time You Had Never Seen Before.

Also The Face Is Smiled So You Shouldn't Be Creeped Out.

2nd Logo (2007-2011)


The Logo As Seen Here


  • "Shining Letters"
  • "Where's The Chiclet"
  • "Where's The Two Bylines And The Face"
  • "TeleToon Ep.2: I Don't Know
  • "Rock And Roll"
  • " Wait, Gold?"


On A Blue-White Gradient Background, We See The Gold Text "TeLeToON" Shining. Underneath Is The Black Text "Original Production".


  • There Is An Longer Version Where The Letters Twirl In A Tornado Along With The Black Text Around Before Stopping Into Place And Shining.
  • On 6Teen, The Background Is Black And "Original Production" is white.
  • On Later Episodes Of Bumptales, The Logo Has No "Original Production" Below


The Text Shining. 


None, for the tornado variant, a rock and roll theme with a BOOM!


Seen On Later Episodes Of Bumptales (Co-Production With Renegade Animation And Chorion) On Disney Juinor.

Also Seen On Much Later TeleToon Programs Including The Final Season Of Atomic Betty (Co-Production With Breakthrough Films & Television, TeleImages Kids, Atomic Cartoons And Tele-Toon), Fruitoons (Co-Production With AipomWorks Studios, Burger King Animation And Nelvana) On PBS Kids Sprout.

Spliced (Co-Production With Nelvana) On Qubo.

6teen (Co-Production With Fresh TV And Nelvana), George Of The Jungle (Co-Production With Studio B Productions, Bullwinkle Studios And Classic Media), Class Of The Titans (Co-Production With Nelvana, Top Draw Animation And DHX Media), Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers From Season 3 Onwards (Co-Production With Nelvana) On SOAPnet (Both Disney/ABC And Wikia).

Total Drama (Co-Production With Fresh TV And Neptoon Studios), My Babysitter's A Vampire (Co-Production With FremantleMedia And Fresh TV), Fred's Head (Co-Production With Galaxy 7, Spectra Animation, AP Studios And Patoon-Animation), World Of Quest (Co-Production With Cookie Jar), Stoked (Co-Production With Fresh TV), Wayside (Co-Production With Nickelodeon And Nelvana), Chop Socky Chooks (Co-Production With Aardman Animations And Decode Entertainment) On Cartoon Network.

Stonage (Co-Production With The Burger King Company, FremantleMedia, And Epitome Pictures) On Disney Channel And Other TeleToon Programs As Well As More Recent TAKE2 Prints (The TAKE2 Channel, TAKE2oons And The T) Of Ruby Gloom (Co-Production With YTV (All Other Prints Only) And Nelvana), Plastering The YTV Logo And Skater's Eye (Co-Production With Burger King Television, Weta Productions And Nelvana).

Scare Factor

None, How Scary Can Shining Gold Text Be? If it's in a tornado.

3rd Logo: 2011

On A Yellow Background, We See The Current Teletoon Channel Logo, Which Flips Showing "Original Production", Then It Flips Back To The Logo.

FX/SFX: The Logo Fliping Twice.

Music/Sounds, The Closing Theme Of The Show, Sometimes, It Has A CHABONG Sound When The Logo Flips, And Followed By A Male Chord "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH".

Availabity: Seen On Season 6 Of Johnny Test On Cartoon Network Along With Other Shows.

Scare Factor: None, Unless The Chord Of AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH May Catch Someone Off.