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(July 9 2004-December 18 2004)

Nickname: "Jack the Arstocat" "The Space Cat"

Logo: on a Black Background We See the Box of Blue Space Background Contains Jack the ArstoCat with Spainish Text "GATO" an Text Says "Televisión Espacio de Jack" in White.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sound: At The End of the Show.

Availability: Seen on Short Lived-Show Which Production and That is Distributed in Spain Such as "Jack de Gato" and "Programa de charlas de ALF" and "El mundo de Jack".

Editor's Note: None. As you can be laughed at The Logo.

Final Note: This Logo is Bankrupted in December 18 2004 After Last Episode for the 2 Shows "patas rotas" and last episode "Eric Roberts/Vincent Pastore" (Spanish language version) After it ends as it is defunct.