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Background: Television-64 was formed on January 30, 1984 as a joint venture between MTM Productions (now "MTM Enterprises International") and Argosy Entertainment Corporation (later known as "Argosy Media Communications, Inc.", now "Argosy Media North America") to distribute classic MTM/Argosy shows and TV movies. All distribution went through Argosy. When the Cairo/MTM Distribution Group was created on November 24, 1986, CMDG represented Television-64 and took distribution of some programs by Television-64. The venture ended in January 1988 after the establishment of TVS Entertainment North America, Inc. (now "Cairo Pictures Entertainment"), and most of the library was later transferred into the reorganized Cairo/MTM Distribution Group. Currently, the name is part of Cairo Pictures Television.


Nicknames: "TV-64 MIDI Music", "Merging Circles"

Logo: On a black background two red circle outlines come from either side and merge into one circle outline. A blue "64" written in Helvetica Bold drops down onto the inside of the circle and on the left of the circle, the word "TELEVISION" in white Helvetica Regular font wipes in.

Variant: A B&W variant of this logo was used on prints of classic Argosy shows in B&W.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Logo seems to be completely made of computer effects that were outdated, even when this logo was created.

Music/Sounds: A over-synthesized 9-note tune, two pairs of four ascending notes (second higher than the last) ends with one last high note and a "ping" when "TELEVISION" finishes wiping in. Sounds like MIDI music.

Availability: Uncommon, bordering on rare. Currently seen on several episodes of old shows on Argosy Retro. It previously appeared on Long-Tail Kitty as well, but Argosy Retro's prints have it plastered with the current Argosy Media logo. On MTM Movies Cinema's print of The Ghost of Hitler (1986), this is retained, but is followed by the 1993 variant of the 1989 Cairo/MTM Distribution Group logo and the 2013-present Argosy Media logo. Orange Gus also had this logo, but replaced it with the 1989 Cairo/MTM Distribution Group logo and the current Cairo Pictures Television logo, but some local reruns of a few episodes had this logo plastered with the MTM Kitten. Surprisingly, this logo recently appeared twice (before and after the 1983 Argosy Media logo) after an Orange Gus rerun. This has also been seen on reruns of Orange Gus on Argosy Retro (followed by the 1995 variant of the 1989 CMDG logo, and the current Cairo Pictures Television logo). This may appear on TV movies owned by MTM Films on VHS, but don't expect to see this on the DVDs. Additionally, this logo appears on some episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Argosy Retro, but the vast majority of episodes on Argosy Retro are now new prints from a DVD source.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The music and animation might not sit well with people, but it's possibly a favorite of many.