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This is a Work and Brobross Progress Productions

Background : TWW/Teledu Cymru Was the first holder of the ITV franchise for South Wales and the West of England, an area which extended to the rest of Wales in 1964 when it took over the financially troubled Wales West and North Television (known on-air as Teledu Cymru). In the 1967 franchise round, the company was shocked to find that it had lost its franchise to Harlech Television, and responded by effectively throwing a temper tantrum, Starting all over,but things went well, and Still is there Today.

Television Wales & West[]

1st Logo (1973-1977)

Nicknames: "Rainbow/RGB TWW", "Colorful TWW in a Box"

Logo: Against a Light Blue background, we see Red,Green,And Blue concentric rectangles slowly zooming-in. The RGB rectangle flips around clockwise in sync with the music, flipping in the letters "TWW". Then, The Word "A" with a small Rainbow TWW logo and "NETWORK IN COLOR" that wipe in below that.


  • At the end of programs, "A TWW-Teledu Cymru Colour Productions" appears under the TWW and Teledu Cymru Symbols and sometimes the copyright date Reading "© TWW and Teledu Cymru LTD (YEAR)" is displayed underneath that.
  • Sometimes Productions is Replaced with Presentation

FX/SFX: The flipping and wiping.

Music/Sounds: Same as the last two.

Availability: Rare, can be seen on some VHS and DVD releases of TWW programming. It can be seen on a British VHS Tape of Titanic

Editor’s Note: None.