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Telewest Studios was formed as the result of a combination of the in-house production unit of UK television channel Telewest and the non-Telewest production arm of its subsidiary Sierra Television. It is the main production arm of Telewest Group.

1st Logo (August 27, 2007 - September 13, 2009)[]

Logo: Against a red background, we see a series of silvery lines waving up and down. The Telewest logo and text that reads "STUDIOS" in white fade in on the right.


  • For programmes distributed internationally, “WORLDWIDE”, encased in a white box, appears below the Telewest logo. This variant plays slower than the normal logo.

FX/SFX: The lines wavering.


  • Normal: A single synth chime sound, or the ending theme of the show.
  • Worldwide version: An orchestra of string and woodwind instruments warming up, Sounding like the orchestra in the THX Cimarron trailer.

Avaliability: Uncommon. Seen on various Telewest-made programmes from this time period, replacing the Sierra Television logo on those made for other channels, including Bully and A Place in the Sun, and replaced the Telewest Productions logo on internally made programmes such as Loose Talk, Hot Tub and Two Up, One Down.

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