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Background: Tempo Producciones is an South American company founded in 1975.

1st Logo (1976-1989, Paraguay)


Logo: On a white background, we see a weird looking golden design (A sideways I?). And at the top and bottom, there "Tempo" at the top, and "Producciones" at the bottom.

Technique: None.

Cheesy Factor: The design looks very tacky for some reason.

Music/Sounds: A opening theme of a film.

Availability: Seen on La Jafara, El Nocho Dias, and Lambardas.

Scare Factor: Minimal to medium, due to the design of the logo.

2nd Logo (1989-2005, Argentina)


Logo: Logo: We start off with a space background with stars shining each other. Suddenly, a comet strikes to the center of the screen, to reveal a red, white-neon-ish line. The line then rotates slowly to reveal a close up of an Italic T, which soon became rainbowed when the logo has revealed exactly at the same minute. It zooms out extremely and then returns to it's place, causing a cerulean neon smiley face to jump in. The neon smiley face then lifts it's hand, and then "paints" the T in purple and an red outline appears inside the T. Soonly after that, the text "Tempo" zooms out the screen, and then a line jumps in mid-air. The line then unfolds to reveal the text "Producciones S.A" on Isabela's script, all in blue, with conjoint with the line. The logo then flashes and then zooms in to the viewer, with one second of black background.


  • A short version also exists, starting with the face laughing and drawing.
  • A still version also exists, seen on films like La Marbradas.

Technique: It's all done in pretty cheap 80's animation, as expected from another Argentine logo.

Cheesy Factor: The space looks pretty good, but the rest is bad. The zooming out and then coming back looks like the T is jumping. The face drawing is more like the hand being out of control on some parts of the screen, and there's no need to the text to be blue, beacuse it's barely seen more than usual on a black background. And the zooming in looks completely unnecessary. The comet in the logo contributes too.

Music/Sounds: A quiet synth note apppears, followed by a synth noise and an explosion, which transfers into a triumphant fanfare about to start. Then, a laugh from the face is heard, and then drawing and spinning noises are heard. A cartoony-ish sound with trombones and xylophones appears, followed by a 8-note rock theme. A whoosh is heard when the rock theme ends. All composed by Marco Buj-Kelé.

Availability: Seen on La Marbradas, and other films.

Scare Factor:

  • Normal version: Low to high. The comet shooting may get more than a few, and the T zooming up and then coming in their place are too dangerous to see from children. The neon face can also startle many, as they're unintentionably creative with it's animation. The rock tune and zooming out at the end can also shiver some bones. The factor should be rated low for those who used to it.
  • Short version: Medium to high. The face laughing can scare everyone, obviously beacuse it came far before the others. The zooming in can also be sudden, it can shiver your body the first time you see it. But this was nothing with the normal version.
  • Still version: None. It's a great improvement during it's sucessor, when the face is not doing nothing and we stand here for a second. It's just one of the lamest logos ever.

3rd Logo (2005-pres, Chile)