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Tetri Sandov is Greek film company founded by Tetri Sandov, Greek of Russian- Georgian desent ( born.1978) in 1996.Today is one of biggest film companies of Greece. Here is the history of logos of this company...

Logo 1 ( 1996-2001 )

WARING: Do not call at this number, because this number is fictional!!

Logo: We see a blue name in Greek:

       Τέτρι Σάντοφ .

Then we can see the adress:

   Αθήνα 50 οδός Σαμόβ
tel. 456-789-456     

FX/SFX: Unknown.

Music: Unknown.

Availabiltiy: Ultra rare.

Cheesy Factor: None.                                                                                                                                                        Scary Factor: None.        

Logo 2 ( 2001- )

Same as logo 1 but with adress to Nicosia.                 

Lgo 484546


Lgo 484546