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The Burger King Company Is The First Company In The Burger King Company Series.

File:The burger king company logo.jpg

The Logo As Seen Here.

1st Logo (2011-)


  • "The Mall"
  • "The Burger King Restraunt"
  • "The BIG Mall Restraunt"

We See A Burger King Restraunt Inside A Mall With People Moving Around It, With The Words "BURGER KING" In White In The Middle, "The" In Green At The Top And "Company" In Green (Again) At The Bottom.


  • An Long Version Seen On The Movies. This Time, The Animation Is Longer. The Name "The" And "Company" In 3-D Swings In.
  • On JCVD II (in 3-D), The Peoples Were Fighting In, And The Name Pulling Up. Plus, "BURGER KING" Is Tinted In Blue. Then, Cuts To The 2004 Gaumont Logo And Then Cuts To The Rovio Mobile Logo.
  • There Is Also An Widescreen Variant Seen On Fred's Cracking Contraptions.


The People. The Animation Of This Logo Is Mostly All Live-Action.


The Sounds Of The People, along with a Piano theme. There Is The Long Version Of The Theme, with the People Sounds Extended.

Music/Sounds Variant

Just the sound of Crowd


Current. Seen On Newer TV Shows Like Fred's Cracking Contraptions On Cartoon Network, Stonage (Co-Production With TeleToon, FremantleMedia And Epitome Pictures) On Disney Channel And The New Adventures Of Rex The Runt (Co-Production With Aardman Animations And Burger King Animation) On NickToons. The Long Version Seen On The Movies Like Summer (Co-Production With Walt Disney Pictures) And JCVD II (in 3-D) (Co-Production With Rovio Mobile And Gaumont).

Scare Factor