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Top: The initial IDs, debuted in 1993 Bottom: The new IDs debuted in 1995

ID: Depends on the variant, but here is a basic description: We start out with a birds-eye view of a theme park, then the camera zooms into a theater, then we head inside the theater until only the movie screen is visible. The screen plays the DiC "Kid in Bed" logo, then the Squirrel/Mole "Neon Secret & Morocco" logo, then we see a clip of an episode of a DiC or Squirrel/Mole series with the affiliate's call signs (and either their channel number, city of license or both (some IDs such as the WCDIC IDs and the later WDDIC ID did not have a call sign at all)) plastered over the scene. Then the ID fades out.

Trivia: Originally, between 1993-December 31, 1994, only clips from Super Mario World were used. But starting on January 1, 1995 (some sources say the IDs debuted in 1994 while others think they debuted in 1995), new IDs were introduced that did not use clips from Super Mario World. Also these IDs had the Children's Metro Network logo unlike the original IDs (though not all 1995 IDs had the Children's Metro Network logo, also the 1995 IDs were used in tandem with the 1993 IDs).

Variants: The following is a list of the episode clips used, then the afiliates that used that clip (list is currently under construction):

Original Variants:

  • Super Mario World (Born to Ride): KMNSM (Minneapolis, MN), KDICD (Dallas, TX), WJDIC (Panama City, FL), WCDIC (Cleveland, OH), WDICF (Indianapolis, IN), KCORN (Nebraska statewide (says Lincoln, NE on the ID though)) and WBDIC (Buffalo, NY (also seen in Toronto, Ontario, Canada))
  • Super Mario World (Yoshi Shuffle): WCDIC (Cleveland, OH), KDICC (Los Angeles, CA) and KTCMN (San Diego, CA)
  • Super Mario World (Gopher Bash): KDICD (Dallas, TX), KDOSP (Sacramento, CA) and KTCMN (San Diego, CA)
  • Super Mario World (King Scoopa Koopa): WRDIC (North Carolina statewide), WATLG (Georgia statewide), WNYSM (New York, NY (says Newark, NJ on the ID though)), WDOSP (Harrisburg, PA), KSDIC (Seattle, WA (also seen in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)), WILSM (Chicago, IL), WDDIC (Detroit, MI ((also seen in Windsor, Ontario, Canada)) up until September 3, 1997)) and WTDIC (Toledo, OH) (a different scene from the episode was used on WDOSP, KSDIC, WILSM, WDDIC and WTDIC)
  • Finely's 1st Movie(Finely's mother): KCDC(France), WCDIC(Ohio) , (the negative scene was used on WDOSP)

1995 Variants:

  • The Yoshi Show (Coming to Yoshi Island): KDICD (Dallas, TX), WKDIC (Knoxville, TN), WNYSM (New York, NY (says Newark, NJ on the ident though)) and KTCMN (San Diego, CA) (strangely, the KDICD ID lacks the channel number)
  • The 2 Stupid Dogs revival of Secret Squirrel (Queen Bee): WDICM (Milwaukee, WI), WFLSM (Miami, FL) and KDICD (Dallas, TX)
  • The 2 Stupid Dogs revival of Secret Squirrel (episode unknown): WTBAY (Tampa, FL (also says St. Petersburg, FL)), WDOSP (Harrisburg, PA), Wisconsin statewide, KMNSM (Minneapolis, MN), WKDIC (Knoxville, TN), WPENN (Philadelphia, PA (also says Wilmington, DE, Trenton, NJ and Camden, NJ)) and KDICD (Dallas, TX). Also used on WDDIC (Detroit, MI (also seen in Windsor, Ontario, Canada)) starting on September 4, 1997 when WDDIC changed logos (from the circle 57 to a cartoonized Detroit skyline)
  • The 2 Stupid Dogs revival of Secret Squirrel (Hot Rodney): WNYSM (New York, NY (says Newark, NJ on the ID though)), KDICC (Los Angeles, CA), WILSM (Chicago, IL), KMNSM (Minneapolis, MN), WATLG (Georgia statewide), WMASS (Boston, MA), WDICF (Indianapolis, IN), WCDIC (Cleveland, OH) and WTDIC (Toledo, OH) (a different scene from the episode was used on WATLG, WMASS, WDICF, WCDIC and WTDIC)
  • Sailor Moon(VR Madness): KCDC(France), WMASS(Boston, MA), WALTG(Unknown).
  • Super Mario Galaxy(Pilot): Every station of the network!

Other Variants:

  • A short version exists where just the episode scene plays. This was the variant most commonly used. The long version (described in ID above) only played whenever the network signed on at 6 AM Eastern every morning.
  • Christmas variants existed. I'm not sure what stations or episode clips were used.
  • On some occasions, the episode clip would freeze at the end, then fade out.

FX: The zooming in, whatever is on the theater screen.

Music/Sounds: We start out with theme park sounds, then theater sounds, then the logo's themes and the sounds on whatever is the episode clip used. Some IDs have voiceovers said by one of the characters in the scene, for example generic ones (for example, "You're watching KDICD, channel 14.") or whatever fits the ID's theme (for example, Luigi says "Score touchdowns by watching KTCMN in San Diego!") There is also a funny voiceover on the Yoshi Shuffle episode clip WCDIC ID "You are watching Cleveland's DiC, next up is a show for the stupid canines!" is said by Yoshi (referencing 2 Stupid Dogs). The Christmas IDs used different music and the ending theme of a show that aired on the network would play when the network signed off. The VR Madness ID has a funny voiceover (Docnewfound) on WMASS and KCDC France:"You are watching[WMASS or KCDC France]! Up next is a show for Magic lovers!(Referencing Sailor Moon)

Availability: Extinct since these IDs are for a network that no longer exists. Check your old tapes! It returned in 2009 and you can see these IDs.

Scare Factor: None to low, depends on whatever or not the episode scene scares you.