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Background: In 1981, The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions was formed in a bedroom apartment in Canada which of course the name of the company was including the name of a street in that city (Krusty Avenue) by producer Jon23812. During the DuckTales (1987-90) days, The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions produced several unaired episodes out of the 100 DuckTales episodes, before the movie was made. After those initial episodes, The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions worked with Walt Disney Animation Studios and DisneyToon Studios to produce DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. In 1990, the company cuts a production deal with Dr. Robotnik and there they made the cable network's most successful animated series, PINGASrats (August 11, 1991-June 8, 2004). After that, The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions, Inc. made other successful animated shows such as Robotnik in the Jungle (September 1, 1998-June 11, 2004), PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters (October 29, 1994-March 28, 1999), PINGAS Power (August 16, 1999-July 30, 2004), Grounder's Rules (October 25, 2000-November 14, 2006), Rockin' Adults! (April 12, 2003-August 17, 2008), MORSHUman (for EGG Network and Squidward Television) and The AWESOME Adventures of Team Rocket (a promoted cartoon available exclusively at The Nintendo Store in New York City, USA, Earth, from 1998 to early 2001). The company currently produces Eggman vs. Robotnik cartoons for Allemn Channel's GLAD.

1st Logo (September 15, 1989-December 19, 1998, October 20, 2002-March 1, 2003, March 11, 2012)

Nicknames: "Pizza Delivery"

Logo: We see the Krusty Krab pizza song clip with: "The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions, Inc." at the bottom.


  • Airings of the Bikini Bottom High episode "Electives" on Fox had this logo instead of the 3rd logo. The PINGASrats Spanish variants were done by a russian company who had never seen or heard of PINGASrats or it's Spanish version.
  • On early episodes of MORSHUman Pre-School, the logo cuts straight to the Tiny Toon Productions logo right when the text appears, so that the last lines of the singers on that logo seems to "complete" this logo's audio.


  • A still version of the logo (with Spongebob & Squidward still walking) was spotted on Frustrated Robotnik.
  • An abridged version with higher pitched music was used on MORSHUman.
  • An in-credit variation was on Inspector Gadget reruns on HBO Storybook Musicals.
  • A version exists on the first two seasons of PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters where the logo fades out early and the music trails off into the Dr. Robotnik "donut" logo.
  • A still version with no background along with blue lettering was spotted on the video game PINGASrats in Japan: The Movie for ESX.
  • On 3-2-1 Adults! and the first season of "Big Cat", the logo is already formed, like this one seen on Frustrated Robotnik. The latter also featured the end "text appearing" animation on the logo. This variant was (surprisingly) also found at the end of a Dr. Robotnik airing of PINGASrats: Ghost Story.
  • On 1993 video releases of the Spanish version of "PINGASrats", the logo is shown on the bottom right of the screen with the Dr. Robotnik Latin America logo at the top left. On 1995 episodes, both logos are in 3D and sometimes spin around each other.
  • On non-USA airings of "Gadget Boy", there is another in-credit variant.
  • On a 1993 pledge-drive special of PINGASrats (later released on video as Put Down the Sonic), the logo is superimposed over the end of the final scene.

FX/SFX: The video and the letters appearing.

Cheesy Factor: It's just a clip from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Pizza Delivery" where Spongebob sings the pizza song! That's very unprofessional!  .

Music/Sounds: The Krusty Krab song clip as in the video animation. In exceptional cases, it used only the closing theme on some shows, like Frustrated Robotnik and the PINGASrats episode "I Remember Smeville/No More Fruits".On "Sonic in the Robotnik Window", the logo is silent.

Availability: Common. Currently seen on PINGASrats episodes from the era on The '90s Are All That on TeenRobotnik, DVD, and VHS, including episodes from season eight and excluding Preschool Daze when it was used as a placeholder between the next logo and the final logo (however, current prints of season eight episodes use the 2nd logo). Preserved on DVDs of MORSHUman, DVDs and VHS tapes of Robot Bugito, and VHS tapes, DVDs (via and digital downloads of PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters. The in-credit variant appears on reruns of Inspector Gadget on HBO Family, which was actually where this logo premiered (although it was first seen when HBO aired it). Also seen on early episodes of Robotnik in the Jungle.

Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant:

  • Medium; the cut from the credits to the logo is jarring, and the singing may catch you off guard, but it's an OK logo otherwise.
  • Low with the end of the show's theme playing.
  • None for the in-credit variant.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the follow-up...

MORSHUman Custom Logo 1 (1994-1996)

Logo: On various backgrounds, the MORSHUman logo flies around the screen then immediately disappears as a copyright notice appears. A few seconds later, the MORSHUman goes in random until it reaches the center of the screen. Less than a second later, the first logo appears zooming out plastering the MORSHU portion of the logo. Thus, the logo reads "The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions Inc. Man."


  • For the first season only, the Krusty Krab logo is the still of the previous logo. For the final two seasons of this sequence, it was changed to a pink background with blue text and B&W SpongeBob & Squidward pictures.
  • In early episodes of MORSHUman as well as Friday episodes, the logo would already begin at the copyright screen.

FX/SFX: The logo flying and going in random, the Krusty Krab logo zooming out.

Music/Sounds: The final eight seconds of the MORSHUman theme song (from Seasons 1-2) with Webby (from DuckTales) saying "100% of MORSHUman is a production of the Krusty Krab Pizza Productions." Her announcement is followed by Morshu (from Zelda CDI) shouting "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Richer!"

Availability: Uncommon, seen at the end of older MORSHUman episodes of the era. Check your old tapes for this one, folks! Still seen on DVDs from the era.

Scare Factor: Low.

MORSHUman Custom Logo 2 (1996-1997)

Logo: On the same background as the MORSHuman logo, the MORSHUman logo zooms in with a copyright notice fading in. Afterwards, it immediately cuts to the 1st logo.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of MORSHUman with Webby (from DuckTales) saying "100% of MORSHUman is a production of The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions."

Availability: Uncommon, seen at the end of older MORSHUman episodes of the era. Check your old tapes for this one, folks! Still found on DVDs from the era.

Scare Factor: Low to Median.

PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters Custom Logo (1994-1997)

Nickname: "The PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters Logo"

Logo: On episodes of PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters, the closing credits cross faded to a cloud-like shape which in turn is seen with several cloud-like shapes and a oval that's connected to both sides of the screen. The show's logo is seen in the shape and changes to the words "THE KRUSTY KRAB PIZZA PRODUCTIONS" in orange. Afterwards, the circle-like shape would open up and allow the Krusty Krab logo to wiggle away.


  • On seasons 1-2, this logo was just two stills of "PINGAS! ROBOTNIK'S ACTUAL MONSTERS" and "THE KRUSTY KRAB PIZZA PRODUCTIONS in the cloud-shape. The text was also in white.
  • As the words "PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters" transition into "The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions", the bird with the worm in it's mouth from the intro converged toward the center and then retracted; once the voiceover said "The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions", the logo stayed on screen a few seconds longer than usual, then immediately cut away to the standard 1st logo; the circle did not open up, and the words did not disappear into the center of the screen.

FX/SFX: The words changing/zooming away, the box opening up. Typical CGI effects.

Cheesy Factor: This logo just SCREAMS "early-'90s", with the tye dye-ish design of the circle and the clouds and the pattern seen on the words inside.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme was usually heard, and a character from the TV show would always say, "PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters gets its creepy-ness from... the Krusty Krab Pizza Productions."

Availability: Although PINGAS! Robotnik's Actual Monsters is no longer on TV, the logo can be found on the show's DVDs by Loud! Factory.

Scare Factor: Minimal; seems very party-ish overall, though the cheap animation and voice-over may give a few people the shakes.                                           

Ducknet Custom Logo (1996-1997)

Logo: On a blue background, we see the Ducknet seal radial wiping in with it's slogan "to congitate and to solve." fading in.

Variant: Sometimes the logo just appears as a still image. It would usually fade-to the Krusty Krab logo.

FX/SFX: The wiping in, the slogan fading in.

Music/Sounds: Just Webby (from DuckTales) saying "100% of Ducknet is a production of The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions." Sometimes, after her announcement, Chicken (from Cow & Chicken) would laugh.

Availability: The original version was seen on Ducknet 1-Hour Specials, but was retained on VHS releases of "The Case of the Mysteries" and Despair in "Mobius Bay." The still variant with the Krusty Krab logo was seen on ACME Crime Net Television prints of "The Case of the Mysteries" and The Night Time Caper".

Scare Factor: Low, unless you could be scared of Chicken's laugh.

MORSHUman Pre-School Custom Logo 3 (1998-1999)

Logo: Against an animated purple BG with a white copyright notice below, and after the MORSHUman Pre-School logo appears, SpongeBob and Squidwad logo from logo 1 (in full color) sliding up and the text (in white) slides in word-by-word and in the correct order, from the left, right, and left sides of the screen, respectively. This is succeeded by the closing credits, then the 1st standard logo (Or the 2nd Standard Logo), Tiny Toon Productions and Squidward Television logos.

FX/SFX: Just the letters sliding in.

Music/Sounds: The end theme to MORSHUman Pre-School (a piano tune with drums) with Webby (from DuckTales) saying "MORSHUman Pre-School is a production of The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions.".

Availability: Uncommon; seen on tapes of MORSHUman Pre-School (a spin-off of MORSHUman used for pre-school students).

Scare Factor: None.

Robotnik in the Jungle Custom Logo (1998-2004)

Nicknames: "The Rolling Stone", "The Robotnik in the Jungle Logo", "Prehistoric Krusty Krab"

Logo: We see two pink boulders against a blue background; one is round, while the other is in the shape of an inverted triangle. Both have cracks and niches in them. From the screen's right, we see a third pink boulder in the shape of a square rolling in. It bumps into the second boulder, and all three boulders crumble apart slightly; each one forms a letter: the first one forms "The Krusty", the second forms "Krab Pizza" and the third one forms "Productions." Copyright information fades in at the bottom of the screen.

FX/SFX: The boulders rolling and breaking.

Cheesy Factor: A somewhat simple logo.

Music/Sounds: First we hear several descending piano notes, then the sound of the boulders crumbling, and then an ascending four-note trumpet jingle accompanied by a descending four-note majestic jingle.

Availability: Only used on Robotnik in the Jungle, which is hardly ever rerun nowadays.

Scare Factor: Minimal; this logo is rather cute, but the huge boulders/jagged "The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions" design may turn some people off.

2nd Logo (1998-2003, July 13, 2012, November 30, 2012)

Nicknames: "Particularly Stupid Face", "(The) PSF", "Patrick", "The Crazy Face", "Blob Patrick", "The Face from THE PIT!!!!", "The Patrick of Dumbness", "The Personification of All That Is Dumb" "It's just a face, it's not going to PWN us or anything like that", "Evil Drunk Patrick", "Patrick", "Disjointed Facial Features", "The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions went mad", "Is this suitable for a kids' show?!?", "The reason why Nobody looks at the end of PINGASrats", "Angry Blob", "The Very Hungry Blob", "What the heck did I just see?", "Hey, that's not right! (alternative version)" "Klasky Csupo's Big Brother"

Logo: Over a purple background, a blob of black ink emerges from the center, soon followed by sky blue ink. Robotnik's hand passes by and drops Patrick Star's face onto the blob. He says the company name as white blocks fly out from the left of the screen. The blocks arrange themselves to form the Krusty Krab logo (like before, but refined to match the print logo). After that, two black blocks quickly slide from the top and bottom of the screen (covering up both the background and Patrick, but not the Krusty Krab logo), and that also turns the "Y" in "KRUSTY" purple. This logo comes in two versions: a widescreen 16:9 version (for movies) and a fullscreen 4:3 version (for TV).

Trivia: Strangely, this logo appeared on early airings of the Patrick Star Show episode "Patrick takes over Victorious". It was an editing mistake made by Dr. Robotnik when they first started doing the split-screen credits. (How? Well, normally, Scratch & Grounder along with Coconuts make custom split-screen credits for each toon and it's producers. Well, They were the only one that produced multiple Robotnik Cartoons and they created a generic one for these shows. (which mentioned the company as a producer and included Patrick) But on the said episode of Patrick Star, They were so stupid and flubbed and used the Krusty Krab split screen credits for that episode and that's why the PSF was used.) As of 2006, the logo is plastered by the 20th Century Wittgenstein logo on repeat airings (which was in the original credits to begin with) Still, it is one of the oddest editing mistakes ever made, next to a odd byline-less HP Swirling Dog appearing on The Adventures of Hitler the Führer a while ago. Something similar happened on October 2015-May 2017 airing of Hey Tax Man Max! on The Pingas, replacing the You Suck logo, but was fixed when The Pingas became RobotnikPingas. As part of the 2012 re-launch of The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions, Patrick Star was given his full body, and will star in his own webseries.


  • A longer version exists where it starts with a TV turn on effect which reveals static then it starts to fade to purple to reveal a ink splat to reveal the rest of the logo's animation.
  • Some games with the PINGASrats license have a still logo which completely skips Patrick and has a slightly bigger logo, with all of the boxes and letters in "KRUSTY" (except for the Y) are medium gray and with the letters in "KRAB PIZZA PRODUCTIONS" white, and which also adds "INC." (like in the first logo) to the right of "PRODUCTIONS".
  • There was a different variant where the animation was somewhat worse (ex: the ink is still once it has splattered onto the screen, instead having a poorly done ripple effect, the eyes of the Patrick Star are flipped vertically instead of being animated to look down/up). There is a black background instead of a static purple background (since the logo transitions from the blank screen at the end of the credits); the logo rapidly distorts and corrupts to the KKPP logo rather than having black boxes cover it up (along with the the purple "Y" in "KRUSTY" zooming in over the regular "Y") and to top it all off, the face constantly looks at the viewer (it's actually staring at the blocks as in the standard logo, but the blocks are placed directly in the center of the screen, so it appears that Patrick Star is looking at the viewer) throughout it's screen time and smiles as if he accomplished something before the logo wipes to black.
  • A still version of the normal logo was seen on Eggendo 64 versions of PINGASrats: Scavenger Hunt and PINGASrats in Japan: The Movie.
  • On 1998/1999 episodes of the UK version of PINGASrats, a picture of the logo flies around with the Dr. Robotnik United Kingdom logo.
  • On 1997-1998 episodes of PINGASrats, an in-credit version (without the logo) and the credit "for Dr. Robotnik" below the text appears on a stone background. On 1999-2002 episodes, it appears on a purple static background, then slides to the left to show Knuckles saying, "toodle-loo!". The text and music were both modified for the 2002 season, while everything else remained the same, although the variant ends after Knuckles signs off.

FX/SFX: A combination of animation, CGI, and other stuff.

Cheesy Factor: Patrick looks dumb, the CGI is cheap, and we hear random sound effects. None for the video game variant. Rumor has it that it's so dumb, it destroys TV sets.

Music/Sounds: A "splattering" sound when the ink appears, and a autotuned version of the audio from the 1987 logo plays during Patrick's screen time. The company name is stated in Patrick's voice (by his own voice actor). After the company logo appears, we hear a couple of cartoon sound effects: a farting sound, a car honking, and a explosion sound effect. On The PINGASrats Movie and the alternate variant, the music is in warp-speed as the logo fades to black. None for the video game variant. On PINGAS Power, the last note of the end theme of said show trails off into the logo (meaning you hear a rock chord before the regular music plays). Some PINGASrats episodes also had a fart noise from the extended version of the theme from the "ROBOTNIK'S GREATEST PINGAS" album before the audio. None for the video game variant.

Music/Sounds Variants

  • Sometimes the music is in warp speed.
  • On early television airings of PINGASrats, the logo theme is low-pitched.
  • On some recent airings of PINGASrats, the explosion sound is omitted.
  • On the WWII episode of MORSHUman Pre-School, no audio was were heard due to a 20-second commemorative silence for the WWII victims who lost their lives on September 1, 1939. The other logos seen after this one, including the Squidward Television logo, were in silence as well.
  • On MORSHuman Pre-School, the logo theme is shotened.

Availability: Was common in the past, but not so much any more. It can be found on episodes such as those of later PINGAsrats seasons (not counting the 2002 and the final season, they used the previous logo and the next logo respectively, though the first 19 final season episodes have this logo) starting in 1999, PINGAS Power, Robotnik in the Jungle, Grounder's Rules, and on Rockin' Adults!, the first two currently airing on Robotniktoons, and the latter airing on Dr. Robotnik. The first use of this logo was in the rather obscure cartoon The AWESOME Adventures of Team Rocket. This logo was used on Krusty Krab Pizza films from The PINGASrats Movie to Homographs (which used this logo at the end; not counting PINGASrats Go Jungle!, which used the next logo below). The alternate variant is quite rare, as it only appears at the end of The Robotnik in the Jungle Movie, and the still variant appears on PINGASrats: Royal Ransom for ES2 and EGS and PINGAS Power: Summer Bandits, also for ES2 and EGS, among others. The alternate variant reappeared on the video of the studio's reopening. Recently appeared on Robot Ferret.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. Pretty dumb; Patrick is from Spongebob Squarepants and the rest of the logo is random and disjointed. Children will probably find the logo stupid, though adults might find it nightmare-inducing. None for the still variant, as it completely skips Patrick altogether, which makes it a LOT less dumb. Same goes for the different variant. None for the warp speed variant.

PINGAS Power Custom Logo (1999-2004)

Logo: On a black BG in the center of the screen, the PINGAS Power from the show of the same name appears (in yellow) and flies across the top of the screen from left to right, wiping in the words "PINGAS POWER" (in green, and in the show's font) with "is produced by" below it (in red). Then, all of a sudden, the "rus" and "rab" in "Power", as well as the "K" in "produced" drop out, swirl around, and form a large "The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions" in the colors you see here, shoving the rest of the words off the screen. PINGAS Power then flies across the screen from right to left, wiping in the words "in association with Dr. Robotnik TELEVISION" ("Dr. Robotnik" being displayed as its familiar logo from the time) below that.

Variant: Later episodes do not have the Dr. Robotnik info.

FX/SFX: The text being formed, as well as the PINGAS Power logo. Pretty standard 2D effects.

Music/Sounds: A funky and rock tune, as well as cartoon-like sounds as the words are being formed.

Availability: Seen at the end of PINGAS Power on The '90s Are Theft on TeenRobotnik. Retained on the DVD's released by Mobius Independent Film Releasing.

Scare Factor: None to minimal.

3rd Logo (February 22, 2003-2008)

Krusty Krab logo

Nicknames: "PIZZA!"

Logo: On a rapidly moving sky background, we see a Pizza fly from the top of the screen. Then the company's name appears in front of it.

Trivia: This logo appeared on the first episode of Chalkzone: The Next Generation in a similar fashion as the previous mistake.

Variants: Here are the variants of this logo:

  • Blue sky and white clouds (most common variant; it plasters the previous logo on 1999 episodes of Robotnik in the Jungle).
  • White sky and blue clouds (seen on FOX/TKKPP co-productions such as Bikni Bottom High).
  • Green sky and red clouds (second common variant; it usually plasters older previous logos). This one is the first to contain the byline as described below.
  • Pink sky and green clouds (seen on Spy Buddies).
  • Blue sky and green clouds (seen on the Spanish dub and perhaps other foreign-language dubs of PINGASrats).
  • Red sky and blue clouds (seen on PINGASrats Sports for the GameStation and later episodes of Bikini Bottom High).
  • The text "The nonprofit organization behind PINGASrats and so much more" (in the same color as the text) is shown below on occasion.
  • Yellow sky and dark yellow clouds (seen on Palestinian and Egyptian Arabic dubs of PINGASrats).
  • On some occasions. the URL can be seen underneath the company name.
  • Another variant has been discovered using the purple sky and red clouds, and features a slogan reading "It's Much Funnier!" underneath the company text, and the URL can be seen underneath.
  • One user on this site recalls seeing a variant of this logo on MORSHUman where the pizza zooms in from the top, to the center of the screen (a la the 2nd TLD logo). In this case, the sky was purple and the clouds were red. It's unknown at this time if this variant actually exists.
  • Some have a copyright date.
  • There is an extended variant that is practically the url and the "It's Much Funnier!" variantscombinedinto one, where it fades in between the bylines (from the "much funnier" one to the url one).

In-Credit Variants:

  • On 2003 episodes of PINGASrats, the 1998-2000 in-credit variant of the previous logo was now modified to read "The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions Inc. for Dr. Robotnik" (with the pizza). The music was also modified again, while everything else remained the same.
  • On 2003-2004 PINGASrats episodes, the in-credit variant from 2001 was displayed during the end of the credit sequence.
  • On early episodes of the revival of Awkward, Octopus, another in-credit variant of the logo was used which consisted of the "a production of The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions" and the "The Comedy Side!..." byline as well, all in green text on a black background. This was eventually replaced with the second logo for the rest of the season. This also appears on The SpongeTron & Pattron Show (without the byline).
  • A superimposed variant can be found at the end of Rockin' Adults!.

PINGASrats Variant: On episodes of the UK version of PINGASrats from the early 2000s, a picture of the logo flies around with the Dr. Robotnik United Kingdom logo.

FX/SFX: Sony Vegas stuff, duh.

Cheesy Factor: None.

Music/Sounds: A techno theme composed by Jhas Blujk. In some cases, it uses the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on the 2003 film PINGASrats Go Wild and the film Homographs, which was released on October 20, 2008. Also seen on TV shows like Mr. SpongeBob, the final 16 ½ episodes of PINGASrats, Krabby Road, Spy Buddies, and more shows. It's also at the company's website too, from the start of the logo to the company name appearing can be found on the main page when first being browsed.

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo (2008- )

Nicknames: "Krusty Krab All-Stars", "Ba-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!", "SpongeBob's LOL", "The Collision of Sesame Workshop and The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions"

Logo: On a yellow background, the red "KRUSTY KRAB" text in the Krabby Patty font is seen, arranged like this:


Next to it, various stills of Krusty Krab Pizza Productions characters appear one-by-one next to the logo, Characters include, from left to right: Robotnik, Plankton, Patrick, Fred, Sandy, Squidward, and Andy (from Welcome to Sea Paradise and Jema De Spongina) Then the "PIZZA PRODUCTIONS " text pops in letter-by-letter from right to left, replacing the characters, and is now arranged like this:


A still of SpongeBob fades in reclining on the O, and we hear SpongeBob's distinctive laughter.


  • The Krusty Krew uses a special still variant that shows the Nickelodeon Animation Studios logo and KKPP logos at the top with "Produced in association with Party X Studios" below it, along with a copyright date.
  • Bikini Bottom University' uses a variant with Patrick in place of SpongeBob. A byline underneath the logo says "Produced for the FOX Television Network by The Krusty Krab Pizza Productions" with a copyright date under it.

FX/SFX: The characters appearing and changing into the text, SpongeBob fading in.

Music/Sounds: The music from the current Sesame Workshop logo. SpongeBob's distinctive laugh when he fades in.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On episodes of the revival of Awkward, Octopus, Bet You Can't Do This! (Season 1 only) and Club BLU,  the ending theme is heard, with SpongeBob's laugh heard at the end.
  • The Krusty Krew variant uses the end theme of the show. 
  • Bikini Bottom University and later episodes of Bet You Can't Do This!  has SpongeBob's laugh replaced by Patrick saying "Is this the Pizza Castle?".

Availability: Current.

Scare Factor: None, unless you are freaked out by SpongeBob's laugh.