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1st Logo (2000-2002)

Nickname: "Red, White, and P?" "The United Media Productions Parody"

Logo: On a white BG, we see a half red, half blue square with a lowercase "p" cote-out of it. "The Pirates are Out to Get You Productions" in red, is displayed below, along with the byline "A Mindless Company" below it in blue.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Mindless Entertainment Logo.

Availability: Seen on The 1st Season of Mario And the Plumber Gang.

Scare Factor: None. This is nothing scary, compared to the next logo...

2nd Logo (October 2002-Present)

Nicknames: "The Man", "The Mindless Man on a flame", "The Haunted Man on a flame" "Another United Media Productions parody"

Logo: We see a man on a flame clip. As we zoom out, we see that the clip is a square on a silver, blue, or black background that has the words "MINDLESS" in the company's then-corporate typeface, Glypha, repeating over and over again. Then a flaming red X appears. As a matter of fact, it's the famous Mindless clip, the logo of Mindless, who owned The Pirates are Out to Get You at the time. The finished logo finishes zooming out to show the words "THE PIRATES ARE OUT TO GET YOU PRODUCTIONS", in all caps, and the same typeface as the Mindless logo, underneath.

FX/SFX: Live-action and the zoom-out...

Cheesy Factor: ...which really doesn't hold up that well. But it's just a clip from the 2002 scary FACT advert where the man is on the flame

Music/Sounds: The audio of the clip, complete with a man with a teenage-like accent saying "The Pirates are Out to Get You".

Availability: Seen On 2nd Season of Mario And the Plumber Gang before the Nickelodeon Productions logo and the Dr Robotnik Productions Logo.

Scare Factor: Medium to high; the cheap animation and dark synth tune may put a few off. Raised to high to nightmare for the black version, as the darkness adds to the creepiness.