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(December 2013-December 2015)

WARNING: The Second Video Only Synth Brass and Henry Roaring is Too Loud So Turn Down Your Volume Before Start Watching.

Nickname: "Serama Film Corporation's Scarier Cousin" "Henry: Roooooooaaaaar!!!!!!!!!" "Loudly Music Again!"

Logo: On a Dark Blue Background We See an Film Reel Forming the Text "The Roar-Poland Prods." in Actually Bold Font and the Film Reels Got Away We See The Gold Cricle with Orange Outline Fading in Across the Top of the Bottom of the Text Here and Then Henry Going up into a Gold Cricle and Roars Loudly Actually Can Be Loud and He Stops Roaring and Fades out.

FX/SFX: All Animation and 3D Animation.

Music/Sound: The Loud Synth Brass Tune That Did Not Create and The Loud Trumpet Horn Making Kind of Noise and Then The Loud Synth Trombone-Like Brass Fanfare Ending Tune and Then Henry's Loud Roar.

Availability: Extinct. Seen on Poland Movies.

Editor’s Note: This Logo is Extremely Nightmare But Still.