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The T Is The Teenage Broadcasting Service Of TAKE2.

File:The t logo.jpg

The Logo As Seen Here.

1st Logo (2011-)


  • "The Atom"

Against A Black Background, We See A White Weird-Looking Atom Coming Together (Blue Line Bouncing Into The Center And Turning White, Yellow Circle Zooming In And Turning White, Red Circle Dropping Down And Turning White). Then, "The" In Black Slides Into The Top Circle. In The Bottom Circle And A "T" Containing A Clip From A Various Show That Is About To Air In It Zooms Out, As The Wikia Byline Fades In. After That, The "T" Turns Black.


  • Regular Show: A Clip From The Episode "Prank Callers" Is Shown Where Mordecai And Rigby Are Laughing While They Are Looking Up Prank Calls On The Computer.
  • Adventure Time: A Clip From The Episode "The Enchiridon!" Is Shown Where Finn Is Saying "This Party Is So Crazy!" While Having A Party With Jake And Other Friends.
  • Turn: The Changed: An Blurry Clip Of The Episode "Astronaut" Is Shown Where The Blurry Planet And A Blurry Astronaut.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan: We Pan Up To Titan's Head While Lances Says "Form Titan!". This Clip Was Taken From An Unknown Episode.
  • Generator Rex: A Clip From The Episode "The Day That Everything Changed" Is Shown Where We See Rex Transforming.
  • pbs a79: A Clip From The Episode "upbs87" Where pbs57 Says "pbs ?" Then Tries To Create A logo With Her Socks.
  • Tower Prep & Red Duck: No Clip Is Shown Because Of A Poor Editing Job.
  • An Untitled Poor Soul TV Show: Same As The Tower Prep Variant, But It's Sped-Up.
  • Hey Arnold!: A clip from the episode "Eugene's Bike" where Eugene eats glue. Also the animation of the logo (and the video) are in warp-speed.


The Parts Of The Atom Coming Together, The Animation Of The Following Clip Inside The "T".


A 4-Note Bass Guitar Theme.

Music/Sounds Variants

  • For The Sym-Bionic Titan Variation, A Electric Guitar/Static Techno Remix Of The 4-Note Theme.
  • For The Tower Prep Variation, The 4-Note Theme Is Played On A Keyboard Combined With A Synthesizer And Some Drums.
  • For The Red Duck And Untitled Poor Soul TV Show, It Is Finishing Of The End-Title Theme.
  • For the Hey Arnold variant, the tail-end of the Snee-Oosh Inc. logo finishes over this logo.


Very Common Since 9/6/11. Now, It Is Current On The Network.

Scare Factor