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The TAKE2 Channel Is The First Broadcasting Company In The TAKE2 Company.

File:The take2 channel logo.jpg

The Logo As Seen Here.

1st Logo (2011-)


  • "The Ribbon"


Against A Black Background, We See A Blue Ribbon Drawing Its Way Front From The Top Left. It Squiggles Around. Then, The Camera Throws The Ribbon Thrusty To The Left Hand Side Of The Screen, Causing It To Spit Into 5 And Their Ends "Smash" Together To Form An Outlined TAKE2 Logo With The Inside In Yellow While The Background Quickly Shifts To Sky Blue With Moving Clouds. "The" Pops In From The Left Above While "Channel" Pops In From The Left Below. "The Usual Wikia Byline Fades In Underneath.


The Ribbon Forming.


The Merged Sounds Of A Cartoony Jingle With A Popping Sound When The Logo Forms. This Tune Was First Used In The 1997 TeleToon Logo.

Music/Sounds Trivia

If You Look About The Same As The TeleToon Logo 1, But High-Pitched.


Current. Seen On The Network Onwards.

Scare Factor