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The 3 Stooges Was Columbia Pictures 3Rd Show! It Ared 26 Seasons From 1934-1959 In Black And White

1st Titles (S1-2, 1934-1936)

Studio Logo:The Normal Columbia Logo

Seris Title:On A Grey Background We See The 3 Stooges With Text Above Saying "Columbia Pictures Corporation Presents THE THREE STOOGES" And Under Them It Says IN. Then MOE Appeares Under Moe, Then LARRY Appeares Under Larry And CURLEY Appears Under Curly. Credits Follow.

End Logo:TBA


On Season 2, IN Appears Like The Names

A Color Version Appears On Colorised Prints Of Both Seasons



Studio Logo:On Most Shorts A Fox Like Jingle But On The Season 2 Final, The Opening Plays Over It

Seris Title:Origionly The Opening Score, Later Replaced With A Funny Jingle

Avalibility:Very Common

2nd Titles (S3-6, 1936-1940)

Studio Logo:The 1936 Columbia Logo, The First Episode To Use This Had PRESENTS Below It

Seris Title:On A Grey Background We See The Heads With The Same Zinfo Above, Under The Heads We Se Copyright Info The Episote Name And The Names. Credits Follow.

End Logo:See Above



1936-1939: The Same Funny Jingle, On The Studio Logo We Here A Dramatic Jingle

1939-1940: A Jazzy Version Of Three Blind Mice

Avalibility:See Above

3rd Titles (S7-11, 1940-1945)

Titles:We See The Text Above Split Into Screens On A Black Bord Next To The Torch Lady. Credits Follow.

End Logo:See Above

FX:See Logo 1


1940-1941: A Jazzy Version Of Three Blind Mice 

1941-1945: A Rearanched Version Of Above

1944-1945: A Couple Of Episodes Used A Different Version Of Three Blind Mice 

Avalibilit:See Above

4th Titles (S12-23, 1945-1957)

Studio Logo:Same As Titles 2

Seris Titles:On A Curtain We See The Series Name With Shemp Larry And Moe Below The Name. Credits w On A Funny Background.

End Logo:Probaly The Columbia Logo


On Seasons 12-13 Curly Appears Instead Of Shemp

On Season 12 The Seris Titles Are On The Funny Background

On Seasons 17-23 The Text Was In A Different Font And The Text From Logos 1-3 Appear Above



1945-1947: A Redone Version Of The 1939 Theme, Idiots Deluxe Used The 1944 Theme From Logo

1947-1948: A Remix Of The 1944 Theme

1948-1952: A Rearanged Version Of Above

1952-1954: Another Remix

1954-1956:A Chepe Version Of The Theme

1956-1957: A Better Version

Avalibility:See Above

4th Titles (S24-26, 1957-1959)