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Background:vci logo had The Video Collection Television logo but filmed

1st Logo (1988-2003)

NickName:Chihuahua in Ink-Pot Chihuahua in TV Chihuahua In Projector

Logo:We see a Chihuahua & Cat form the Video Collection Films Logo it's time to watch My TV You posed to watch the movie (TV or Projector) score gets sucks it ink chihuahua draws the Video Collection Animation but Top the bold ANIMATION is Green But On a Black & Red Rectangle with the V COLLECTION on his Text fading border make a two faces Camera Birdseye view of logo spins for V But still logo on a Black BG Yellow rectangle to the universe see a Winnie the Pooh from cartoon series but logo.

FX/SFX:The Spins In.

Sound Effects:Chihuahua gets sucks in her cat meows chihuahua draws logo their make a two faces go Birdseye go beyond to the Universe border.

Music:Heroic sounding Trumpet Tune.

Availability:was a seen on the Blues In the Space & Chihuahua & Cat Over world space and New adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Scare Factor:None Seems it's nice.

2nd Logo (2003 Present)

NickName:Throwing a Bowling Ball

Logo:We see a chihuahua is throwing a bowling ball see pens falling down gets takes a ball goes bowling and a Background see goes to BirdsEye view to Ball filgts takes all pens falls against go beyond to the universe we see a logo we see a giant V words Fades In word COLLECTION & Fades to the Animation Is Blue at the Green BG.

Variant: Ident of New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh Tigger Screaming But should will logos tv cartoon.

FX/SFX:we fades view to tree.

Sound Effects:Pen falling sound chihuahua Makes noise this's chihuahua making a noises a camera Birdseye their go beyond to the universe see logo whoosh.

Music:A Tehisa/Sasha Mix.

Availability:seen on a Acts cat the movie filigree & filet the blues & Dog here's & New adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Scare Factor:see mixed none

NickName:Wallace and Gromit

Logo:on a rocket we see wallace & gromit takes view like over rocket and he words the video collection logo and animation is vile color.

Sound Effects:The Sounds Of Rocket

Music:none or end