Adam's Dream Logos 2.0 - Adam's Closing Logos - Dream Logos Wiki

1st Logo (1978-2003)

NickName:Chihuahua's Camera

Logo:we see a chihuahua sitting a Chair trying for work camera see cat walk I cat jumps in table he push the button vci logo fade films fade letters seen word go outside the box fades opening.

Sound Effects:Chihuahua making a Pizza Sound cat meows in push the buttons Whooshes in.

Music:A playful whistling tune.

Availability:seen on the blues In the Snow & cat master fight.

Scare Factor:2003 logo

2nd Logo (2003-2006)

Nickname:Chihuahua of Doom Chihuahua of death

Logo:we see a chihuahua running a side walk with camera Jumps breaks a Camera we go beyond to the universe word COLLECTION We see a two rectangles black and red is done the text go fades out.

Sound:effects Viacom v of doom breaks the camera spins in.


Availability:seen on those 2006 Red & Mr.Cat & The Blues in other stories & 2006 eyesore the movie 3.

Scare Factor:None

3rd Logo (2006) Nickname:Angry Birds with camera

Logo:we a red holds the camera she eggs looking screen smashes camera go beyond to the Universe word Collection films turns around logo BG light blue. Sound:Red sound over hill eggs was heavy screams breaks the camera go whooshes that was Voice sound is heavy.

Music:A cheerful tune.

Availability:seen on Webkinz the movie 2006 & the Blues & Chuck of the range.

Scare Factor:Nice Job.

NickName:Gromit On This Chair

Logo:We See Gromit Sits In Chair he Red a Book is How to Be A Dog and They Actul Words the Video And collection in instead.

Cheesy Factor:Gromit Are Animated.

Sound Effects:Read Book Scrolls Dog Yelping.