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Background:The Video Collection Television Founded in TV logo but works like it is now logo

from Video Collection International (UK).

(2003) Logo:At the black background,we see a Youtube is Playing on the computer off the screen on dog playing at dog is playing in the snow VCI at the Snow it words the Video COLLECTION but this's around the screen.

FX/SFX:It's the live action

Music/Sounds:young boy says come on & dog barking sounds.

Availcty:seen on cat with a Computer.

Scare Factor:None. (2012) Logo:In the Beach,We see a drawing on the Sand on 3 Dogs Woman Walking on a dog in the leash the words the Video COLLECTION This logo Takes longer.

FX/SFX:Sims 3 Pets Game Are Dog Walks the Field Beach.

Music/Sounds:A Film reel Sounds & Dog Barking Sounds.

Availcty:seen on Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures & webkinz wolf pack.

Scare Factor:Taking times in few.


Logo:Were See Gromit Has Shown on Video Plays In BBC With The Video Collection Television General In Black and White.

Music/Sounds:Theme of Wallace and Gromit

Availcty:From Homeward Takers