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WARNING: Do Not Watch the Video If You Prone to Epilepsy.

Nickname: "Your Cat Walking with Brown Watch" "Cat Struck By Lightning" "Cat Boy!!!"

Logo: On a Black Background We See A Cat with Brown Watch Walka Faster Then The Cat's Tail Wagging the Filmstrip Frame Zooming Out and It Stops Zooming And Cat Was Struck by Lightning We See Just a Cat Boy from The Walking Cat Vision Logo And Sometimes Cat Again and It Mixed Together Straight Lines of a Drawing Cat Grinning and His Eyes Winking Left and Brown Watch on White Fog on a Frame and It Reads "The Walking Cat Films" in Still White.

FX/SFX: Animation,Struck by Lightning and Fading.

Music/Sound: Same as The Hong Kong Wild Horse Productions.

Availability: Seen on "Passing by Wind","The Big Monster","The Witch,The Treasure and the Cat","The Fate Grams","Guessed That Frank","The Leaders" and "The Cat and the Last Quest ".

Editor’s Note: None But Scary.