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Background: The Walking Cat Television is An Hindi Television Company Since in 1992 The Television and TV Movies Since For Releases in 1992 But in 2006 It Went Dissolved Due to Serious Problems.



(FAKE) The Walking Cat Television Logo (1992-2006)

Nickname: "Here Comes! Cat Boy!!! V2" "Television Indian" "The Blatant Use of Leonard Hill Films Logo"

Logo: Same as The Walking Cat Vision (India) But The Short Footage Freezes and The Text Reads "THE WALKING CAT" Written in Hand Font and "TELEVISION" in Arial Itailc Font and The Logo Fades Out.

FX/SFX: Same as The Previous Logo.

Music/Sound: Same as Leonard Hill Films But it is High Pitched Due to PAL Music A Poor Blatant.

Availability: Seen on Hindi TV Series “The Cat: Adventure Begins” and "The Cat and The Great Treasure: The Series".

Editor’s Note: None.