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(FAKE) The Walking Cat Video Production Ltd Logo (1990's-2005)-1


(FAKE) The Walking Cat Film and Video Distribution Logo (1999-2005)-0

Nickname: "Is Something There in Here" "Blatant Use of 2nd Mei Ah" "India Walking Cat But There's No Cats" "Here Comes Cat Boy!!!! III The Return of a Cat Boy"

Lgoo: We See an Footage from Family Matter But It Slows Down and Footage Freezes and Text Fades in It Says "THE WALKING CAT" Written in Hand Font and "VIDEO PRODUCTION LTD" in Itailc Font and It Fades Out.

FX/SFX: All Live Action and The Text Fading.

Variant: In "Phainal Mein Saahasik Billee" The "FILM AND VIDEO DISTRIBUTION" is Red.

Music/Sound: Same as The 2nd Mei Ah Logo But It was Stolen and Used by The Walking Dog Vision (India) .

Availability: Seen on The Cat Movies on VHS and DVDs.

Editor’s Note: None.